Giving Update: Lugango Primary School

October, 2019

A year ago, your generous donation helped Lugango Primary School in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Mary Khatenje. Thank you!

Giving Update: Lugango Primary School

A lot has changed at Lugango Primary School since the installation of their raintank a year ago.

Upon entering the school’s compound on a recent visit, we saw how the school’s sanitation has improved. The school’s compound is kept clean, and the rain tank has helped to provide access to clean water right on campus. Today, all classrooms have cemented floors, which are an improvement from dirt. This has helped them a lot because they can get enough water to clean the classes and offices from the rain tank.

Time is also saved because before last year, the children could waste a lot of time going to the river and this could delay the whole process even of preparing food for them. Time management is now observed, and this, in turn, has resulted in improved academic performance among the students.

This group has a very keen interest in improving their health and hygiene, especially when water is treated as they eagerly follow every step and can give a narration of what is done. The school head is also so positive about all the comments and feedback he receives about the maintenance of the projects. He promised to work with the sanitation teacher and the school at large to improve their current practices, which are already in good standing.

Mrs. Jessica Mideva with student Mary Khatenje at the rain tank

“Since last year, pupils no longer face harassment from the community members [at the river]. This affected their self-esteem, but since the implementation of the project, getting water is no longer an issue,” said Sanitation Teacher Mrs. Jessica Mideva.

“They can now easily run to the tap and fetch water at their convenience. Ever since the training on how we should maintain the projects, we always remember to follow what we were trained on. We do this all together in a jovial mood.”

15-year-old student Mary Khatenje reflected on how her experience as a pupil at Lugango Primary has changed over the last year because of the WaSH projects.

“Cases of waterborne diseases are no longer experienced. We are healthy and are able to concentrate on our studies. We are also able to perform our assigned duties on time like when we are assigned to clean the classes [for] which we have to use water. It’s no longer a struggle. No more harassment from the community members since we now have our water.”

Field Officer Laura Alulu with Mary and Mrs. Mideva at the rain tank

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