A Year Later: Malinda Secondary School Academic Performance Improved!

August, 2021

A year ago, your generous donation helped Malinda Secondary School in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Purity. Thank you!

A Year Later: Malinda Secondary School Academic Performance Improved!

When asked what life at Malinda Secondary School was like before their rainwater catchment tank existed, teacher Lincye Vuguza, 34, said, “Our students used to look for water from different sources just to have something which was not safe. We are now sure of our water. I can take it without fear because I know the source. Also, students are now present in class always.”

According to Lincye, now that the school has easy access to clean water, managing study time is easier, the environment is cleaner, and academic performance is improved.

Purity, a student at Malinda Secondary School, said life before the rainwater tank wasn’t easy. “Especially during exam time, you would have to balance [getting water] so that when exams started, you would be ready. Now, I use that time for studies and preparing for my exams. We also have reliable and safe drinking water, too.”

Purity mentioned that since the water point was installed, her grades have gone up, and the school is better able to provide for its students. “I personally have managed to improve on my academic performance,” she said. “The school feeding program is now well-organized and on time.”


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