Giving Update: Mungakha Community, Nyanje Spring

November, 2019

Your generous donation helped Mungakha Community in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Patrick Okhaso. Thank you!

Giving Update: Mungakha Community, Nyanje Spring

“Since the protection of this spring, the cases of waterborne diseases have not been heard [of]. The project has also enabled us to come together as the water users. This began during the construction period when we were contributing the materials. The project has made it easier for us to get clean and safe water. The community is practicing the skills they got from the training in their homes and we have seen changes in latrine construction. I want to thank you for this water project.”

These were the words of Patrick Okhaso, who serves as Chair of the water committee at Nyanje Spring. We heard from Patrick and several others as Field Officer Protus visited the spring to check up on it and interview community members about the spring’s impact since its protection.

“Since the project was completed, I have experienced [a] clean environment around the water source,” said 16-year-old Movix Ogalo, also interviewed by Protus.

“We are now able to save time when going to the spring to fetch water. In the past, we could wait for the water to settle to be clean after 2 or 3 people drawing. This was wasting our time and forcing some to draw the dirty water but today we get clean water no matter how many people get to the spring at once. We thank The Water Project for [the] great work.”

Mzee Patrick Nyanje, spring landowner

Protus shared his reflections on the visit too:

“The community members can now access clean and safe drinking water at any time. In the past, immediately [once] the rain stopped they could not…get access to clean and safe water. This was because there was no cut-off drainage to prevent runoff water in contaminating [the] spring water…The water used to mix from [the] River Lusumu with the spring water, making it unsafe for consumption.

After the spring protection, the community is proud to get clean and safe drinking water…after the water samples were taken to the laboratory and tests done, the water turned out to be clean and safe for human consumption. The community members received the news with gladness and joy. They now no longer experience diarrhea they used to receive while drinking open and unprotected water…These people do not experience open defecation any more, this is evident with the number of newly constructed pit latrines around the community.

Charity Njilu

In the past before this water project, the access to [the] water source was very difficult because of [the] lack of staircases. After rains, the community members were always scared of fetching water for the fear of sustaining injuries from falling down. After the spring was protected they are not scared in any way…since the constructed staircases enable them to get water with ease.

Since the implementation of this project, tremendous changes have taken place in terms of sanitation. Several homes have now erected latrines and bathrooms. They no longer take their bath outside their houses in the open…Several homes now have clotheslines and also dishracks. This is a clear indication that the project has added so much value to their lives. When you walk around you see how they have tried to keep their environment clean by disposing of their dirt carefully in dumpsites. They have adhered to washing their hands before eating and also there are leaky tins around the latrines. They have maintained the environment around the spring. The water source is generally clean and maintained.”

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