Giving Update: Munyuni Community Sand Dam

October, 2019

A year ago, your generous donation helped Munyuni Community in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Sarah Kavungwa. Thank you!

Giving Update: Munyuni Community Sand Dam

People in Munyuni community are enjoying an unlimited clean water supply from the sand dam and hand-dug well constructed a year ago. Locals no longer walk for more than 3 kilometers with donkeys to neighboring Ilalambyu in search of water for household use.

"We are no longer walking for long distances in search of water for use in our homes since the water project has been providing us with clean drinking water. This water point is the main provider of water in the whole village currently and we are happy to have it," said Pauline Musingo.

The water project holds huge amounts of water and the locals are very happy accessing water from the facility with much ease as compared to the past.

"Fetching water has now become easier for the last year since the water point is found within the village at a stone's throw distance. The unlimited availability of clean water from the water project has solved most of the water-related challenges experienced in our locality," said Sarah Kuvungwa, a local farmer who uses the water point.

"We are planning to establish more tree nurseries using the available water and nurture many tree seedlings for planting in the oncoming rainy season."

The self-help group that constructed the dam and well are charging a fee for collecting water, which is helping them grow the financial ability of their group. Livestock within the community are healthier since they can easily access water from the village after grazing in the fields.

Community members have had more time available to pursue personal activities as they are no longer spending much of their time looking for water which is now always available from the water project.

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