Giving Update: Muyere Primary School

October, 2019

A year ago, your generous donation helped Muyere Primary School in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Yvonne Musieka. Thank you!

Giving Update: Muyere Primary School

Ever since the installation of their rain tank, VIP latrines, and handwashing stations last year at Muyere Primary School, much has changed.

The pupils are now practicing proper personal hygiene, and handwashing has curbed germ transmission among students. The school management has also taken the initiative of locking their rain tank’s tap in the evenings, weekends, and during the holidays based on our recommendation for rationing so that no one can tamper with the tap or accidentally leave it running while school is not in session. This helps to ensure that the pupils have water throughout the school year.

Water and Sanitation Teacher Mr. Pius Namasaki took the time to reflect on these changes in his school over the last year. His resonant voice was full of joy in telling us his stories.

(To hear Mr. Namasaki for yourself, check out the video of his interview on the Photos tab of this project!)

“There has been a reduction in the number of children being treated for typhoid in the school. We are happy to have access to clean water for drinking, washing hands, cooking, and cleaning utensils,” he said.

Mr. Pius Namasaki stands proud of their rain tank

Yvonne Musieka is a 12-year-old pupil at Muyere Primary School, who has personally felt the difference of the WaSH projects at her school this last year.

“Before the tank was constructed in the school, we used to compete for water with the community in a spring which is 500 meters [away]. The women would ask us to respect them by letting them fetch water first. This wasted a lot of time and we would get scolded by the teachers for spending more time than expected. Now, the reverse is happening because neighboring community members come to the school to request for water.”

As Mr. Namasaki explained in his interview, the school has decided to share their water with community members during school hours, and so far this has brought much respect and cohesion in the community.

Field Officer Joan Were (right) with Mr. Namasaki, Yvonne, another student and other school administration at the rain tank

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