Giving Update: Shitsava Primary School

September, 2019

A year ago, your generous donation helped Shitsava Primary School in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Linah Olivia. Thank you!

Giving Update: Shitsava Primary School

Shitsava Primary School has been enjoying clean and safe drinking water right on school grounds ever since the installation of their water tank last year. The school cook is having an easy time preparing the school’s meals since clean water is easily available, and the school is saving almost half of what they used to spend paying for water from a nearby tap which runs dry on most occasions anyway.

The students and staff of Shitsava Primary School continue to pass their gratitude to donors for the great WaSH facilities which have improved their lives in different ways. Each of the facilities is in good working condition with no repairs needed so far.

“The biggest change is improved school sanitation,” said Deputy Head Teacher Mr. Casper Mumia, who was very happy to take a moment of his time to share with us how these projects have impacted his school over the last year.

“The classes and compound are kept clean on a daily basis. The children are also saving time to read and do other activities unlike before where they would go fetch water or bring it from home during their free time and breaks. The pupils’ hygiene has also improved since water is readily and easily available. We do not find stones in our maize and beans anymore unlike before which means the food is cleaned and prepared using enough and clean water which was not the case before since we needed to ration water to feed every purpose.”

Deputy Head Teacher Mr. Casper Mumia with Field Officer Georgina Kamau at the back of the rain tank

13-year-old student Linah Olivia also stopped to talk with us. Confident in her public speaking and standing with perfect posture, she shared her story.

“Since the tank was constructed, we are now saving time to read and play instead of going to the river to look for water. The handwashing facilities have also helped us to keep our hands clean after visiting the latrines since they are located nearby. The classes are no longer dusty like before, and our health has improved as well as general hygiene in school.”

Georgina with students at the rain tank

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