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 419 people will receive water thanks to...
D.C. Woodford-De Hart$20.00
Patricia Baker$50.00
Allison Grooms$40.00
Mindy Gottsagen$35.29
Sachin & Avantika Patel$1000.00
Niraj Desai$200.00
Anuj Desai$68.00
Ali And Dave La Fiura$34.00
Gayle & Frank Kelly III$100.00
Paul Janicki$154.65
Devon Berrier$136.00
Litao Hsieh$34.00
Kathryn Dellinger$70.28
Andrew Irby$140.25
Chris & Skip Irby$25.00
Danielle Ober$140.25
David Clapp$140.25
Philip Iovino$103.20
Susan Waters$200.00
Kathy Sauble$34.00
Elizabeth Usinger$34.00
Chris Ripley$136.00
Ann Clapp$140.25
Barbara Kirby$100.00
The Leff Family$136.00
Hattie & Floyd$34.00
Sandy Ashworth$68.00
Brittany Ashworth$34.00
Lynn Slane$68.00
Jennifer Polly$34.00
Tammy & Matt Irby$68.00
Sandra Sachar$175.23
Douglas Miller$100.00
Patricia Rafalko$35.29
Brenda Appelbaum $70.28
Tom Purdy$50.00
Emerson Pruette$12.00
Scott Link$100.00
Lori Bourne$70.28
Linda Sauter$35.29
Alexandra Kim$153.00
Sara Slane$34.00
Daniel Evans$68.00
Emily Brennan$100.00
Kelly Gathers$20.00
Meghan, Ethan And Madison McCann$68.00
Claire Kim$70.28
Nicol Regan$68.00
Treva Shields$70.28
Taylor Pruette$34.00
Terry Berrier$103.20
Torie And Karl Getschel$34.00
Constance Shure$100.00
Mary & Bill Groff$100.00
Brian Shure$309.00
Lisa Shure$136.00
Ginger And Michael Kirby$100.00
Cristin Berrier$200.00
Erik & Tia Grooms$70.28
Tanja Dresp$70.28
Antoinette Ewen$34.00
Nicki And Michael McCann$68.00
Grace Hsieh$51.75
The Trinque Family $103.20
Lynne And Sonny Pruette$68.00
MaryCatherine Troxler$100.00
Adrian Bergin$100.00
Dani And Chris Herfel$70.28
The Dudleys$140.25
Janet Kelly$1029.30
The Pruettes$103.20
Steve Blanchard$68.00
Warry Colhoun$35.29
Laura And Buzz Getschel$35.29
Adam & Meredith Borden$68.00
Juliana Harris$34.00
Calvert School$34.00
Christopher Vaughn$154.65
Susan Jackson$34.00
Virginia Canter$70.28
Julie Vaughn$136.00
Alexander Hillel$206.11
Donald Foley$154.65
David Blanchard$34.00
Phoebe Levering$514.80
May Blanchard$140.25
Ashley McLain$34.00
Scott Foley$150.00
Roger Blanchard$34.00
Cheryl Southern$200.00
Roy Kirby$250.00
The Jackson Family$103.20
Todd Evans$136.00
Kiara Pedra$34.00
Brooke and Billy Buppert$136.00
Phoebe McClellan$136.00
Valerie King$40.00
Mary Lears$34.00
Stephanie Carpenter$34.00
Justin Seto$136.00
Sarah Crowley$34.00
Kathy Liotta$34.00
Charlene King$25.00
Kelly Foley$140.25
Lisette Mendes$51.75
John Hoey$103.20
Jeannene Butler$68.00
Charlotte Cathell$103.20
Brian Margerum$136.00
Kate Norman$250.00
Douglas Ripley$100.00
Zaheeda Rahemtulla$136.00
Dan Colhoun$70.28
Ida Cole$250.00
Leslie Hillel$180.00
Elaine Hyatt$51.75
Kim Daly$34.00

I hope you'll consider joining us to fund a water project. With your gifts and your help rallying support, we can provide clean, safe and reliable water to a community in Africa.

Today, too many children suffer needlessly - walking miles for dirty water that makes them sick. We can change that. Please make a donation and then help us spread the word.

Sachin & Avantika Patel
Donated $1000.00 on 12/25/20
Thanks to Olivia's letter!
Ali And Dave La Fiura
Donated $34.00 on 12/14/20
So proud of you, Emily.
Gayle & Frank Kelly Iii
Donated $100.00 on 12/14/20
Way to go Caleb Kelly!
Paul Janicki
Donated $154.65 on 12/13/20
A very worthy cause!
Litao Hsieh
Donated $34.00 on 12/12/20
God bless you.
Andrew Irby
Donated $140.25 on 12/09/20
We're proud of you, Celia!
Chris & Skip Irby
Donated $25.00 on 12/09/20
Way to go Celia! A great cause to support.
Danielle Ober
Donated $140.25 on 12/07/20
Way to go Jackson!
David Clapp
Donated $140.25 on 12/07/20
Important cause, Jackson. Thanks for your efforts, and keep walking!
Kathy Sauble
Donated $34.00 on 12/06/20
A noble effort to help so many in need! Great job Liam!
Elizabeth Usinger
Donated $34.00 on 12/06/20
Great work Jackson. We love your writing, and what a great cause to support!
Chris Ripley
Donated $136.00 on 12/06/20
Go Connor
Ann Clapp
Donated $140.25 on 12/06/20
thanks for informing me , Jackson
The Leff Family
Donated $136.00 on 12/05/20
Strong work Calvert 5th Grade! Thank you Jordan for your informative letter - we learned a lot about the problems of clean water availability!
Sandy Ashworth
Donated $68.00 on 12/04/20
What a wonderful project...loved Celias informative letter!
Lynn Slane
Donated $68.00 on 12/04/20
The Slane Family
Tammy & Matt Irby
Donated $68.00 on 12/04/20
Great work Celia!
Patricia Rafalko
Donated $35.29 on 12/03/20
Im proud of you Chase!
Tom Purdy
Donated $50.00 on 12/03/20
Wonderful project!
Alexandra Kim
Donated $153.00 on 12/02/20
Jordan Murray
Sara Slane
Donated $34.00 on 12/02/20
Great job, Calvert 5th graders!
Donated $68.00 on 12/02/20
For Simon
Nicol Regan
Donated $68.00 on 12/02/20
Great job 5th Grade!
Terry Berrier
Donated $103.20 on 12/01/20
Love you Lindley, Poppy & Gigi
Torie And Karl Getschel
Donated $34.00 on 12/01/20
For Alex Getschel
Constance Shure
Donated $100.00 on 12/01/20
So proud of you Izzy, love Nammie
Mary & Bill Groff
Donated $100.00 on 12/01/20
Good work Iz!
Ginger And Michael Kirby
Donated $100.00 on 12/01/20
Good work for a good cause. Good luck!
Erik & Tia Grooms
Donated $70.28 on 12/01/20
Proud of our Blake-Christopher & Calvert 5th Grade!
Antoinette Ewen
Donated $34.00 on 12/01/20
Thank you Nola for helping a good cause. Your Nani
Nicki And Michael Mccann
Donated $68.00 on 12/01/20
Great work 5th grade.
Grace Hsieh
Donated $51.75 on 12/01/20
Cheering you on, Nicholas! So proud of you for raising awareness about such an important cause. Love you!
Lynne And Sonny Pruette
Donated $68.00 on 11/30/20
Great Job Emerson!!!
Donated $10.00 on 11/30/20
For Simon
Donated $50.00 on 11/30/20
From Simon
Adrian Bergin
Donated $100.00 on 11/30/20
Nicholas, congratulations to you and your classmates for working on such an important project. Adrian and Mary Ellen Bergin
Dani And Chris Herfel
Donated $70.28 on 11/30/20
Thank you Calvert 5th graders!
The Dudleys
Donated $140.25 on 11/30/20
The Dudleys
The Pruettes
Donated $103.20 on 11/30/20
Great Job Emerson and Calvert 5th graders!
Laura And Buzz Getschel
Donated $35.29 on 11/29/20
Congratulations for your efforts, Buzz and Laura Getschel
Adam & Meredith Borden
Donated $68.00 on 11/29/20
Very proud of your engagement in public policy! -The Bordens
Calvert School
Donated $34.00 on 11/29/20
For the efforts of Alex Getschel
Christopher Vaughn
Donated $154.65 on 11/28/20
Chase, these donations will impact so many. The world is a big place. It needs you. Good work, bud.
Julie Vaughn
Donated $136.00 on 11/28/20
So proud of Chase and Calvert School for helping to solve the clean water crisis. Keep up the good work.
Donald Foley
Donated $154.65 on 11/28/20
For the efforts of Alice Foley
Phoebe Levering
Donated $514.80 on 11/27/20
This is a wonderful project for Calvert's fifth grade to support!!
Scott Foley
Donated $150.00 on 11/27/20
Good work Alice!
Cheryl Southern
Donated $200.00 on 11/27/20
Such a worthy project.
Roy Kirby
Donated $250.00 on 11/26/20
I am giving at Piper Bupperts request.
The Jackson Family
Donated $103.20 on 11/26/20
Great work, Benjamin and Calvert's 5th Grade!
Valerie King
Donated $40.00 on 11/25/20
Thank you Charlie for letting us share in your wonderful school project!
Charlene King
Donated $25.00 on 11/24/20
Proud of my Grandson, Charlie Oliver
Kelly Foley
Donated $140.25 on 11/24/20
Great job, Alice and Calvert 5th Grade!!
Lisette Mendes
Donated $51.75 on 11/24/20
Love the cause!
Donated $485.00 on 11/24/20
Calvert Middle School dress-down day donations!
Charlotte Cathell
Donated $103.20 on 11/24/20
This project means a lot to our granddaughter, Whitney, and she requested a donation from us.
Brian Margerum
Donated $136.00 on 11/24/20
Thank you Parker Margerum!
Douglas Ripley
Donated $100.00 on 11/24/20
Way to go Connor
Zaheeda Rahemtulla
Donated $136.00 on 11/24/20
Proud of you Connor
Ida Cole
Donated $250.00 on 11/23/20
This is a terrific cause - Im so happy to support you.
Leslie Hillel
Donated $180.00 on 11/23/20
Wonderful goal.
Elaine Hyatt
Donated $51.75 on 11/23/20
Thistles wWhat a wonderfulis a wonderful
Kim Daly
Donated $34.00 on 11/23/20
Fifth graders, thank you for your hard work with your persuasive writing!

The Water Project is a U.S.-based charitable organization unlocking human potential by providing clean, safe water to communities around the world.

Read More About The Work

How this works

Dirty water impacts health, education, women, and income. Providing a reliable and safe water source allows communities to thrive.

The Water Project provides access to safe and reliable water across sub-Saharan Africa. Together, our support can end the water crisis and restore hope, one community at a time.

The coolest part? We'll all get to see our impact! Every gift is directly linked to a specific water project and community. We'll receive updates including photos and stories, maps and more!

Lives change when communities gain access to clean water. Let's experience it together. Make a donation to my fundraising campaign today!