Help Fund a Water Project

Together, we can unlock potential in a developing community by providing clean, safe water.

Africa faces huge challenges with multiple issues that adversely affect
public health. One major challenge is the ability for both rural and
Africans to access a clean water supply. According to the WHO, only 59% of the world's population had access to adequate
sanitation systems, and
efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goal, which were
aiming for 75% by the year 2015, have fallen short by nearly half a
billion people.

Did you know nearly 1 billion people don't have safe water to drink?

Together, we can change that. Let's fund a new source of drinking water for those who suffer needlessly without it!

Our gifts will be used to construct or rehabilitate a water project, like a well or sand dam, in Africa. We'll see pictures, GPS coordinates, and updates as they come in from the actual water project we fund so we can celebrate the results along with the community we help.

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Total Raised: $12,511.93

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Who's Helping?

Will You Join Us in Giving Clean, Safe Water?
08/20/15Aila Jane Del Rosario$70.28Gig 'Em and God Bless
08/18/15Boeing Matching Gifts$1238.34
08/11/15Patricia Siri$34.00
08/09/15Patricia Jarvis$25.00
08/09/15Erica Garcia$34.00
08/06/15Carol Goldsmtih$35.29Hi Jose. What a wonderful project and looks like it's going well. Take care. Carol Goldsmith
08/05/15Richard Casarez$35.29Good luck and great cause
08/05/15Cristina Garcia$70.28Whoop!
08/04/15Kennedy Rehak$136.00You're doing awesome work
08/04/15Andrea Urueta$15.00
08/03/15Fernando Pastor$10.00
08/03/15Steven Futch$10.00
08/03/15Kia Duran$70.28
08/03/15Carolina Cadengo$136.00Gig Em
08/03/15Juan Bastardo$20.00
08/03/15Victoria Gomez$10.00
08/03/15Natalia Chaves$34.00
08/03/15Sonia Zamarripa$68.00Thanks and Gig 'em
08/03/15Liz Lee$10.00
08/03/15Rayne Long$35.29I am proud of you uncle Jay for helping others Rayne Long
08/02/15Myra Palacios$15.00
08/02/15Cassandra Gutierrez$34.00Gig'Em!!
08/02/15Norma Castanon$10.59
08/02/15Anonymous$100.00Best Wishes!
08/02/15Liz H$20.00
08/02/15Janayn Evans$10.00
08/02/15Erica Martinez$20.00
08/02/15Cierra Bartee$15.74
08/02/15Jack Stout$20.00
08/02/15Veronica Garcia$136.00Jose, I'm glad to help your project. Sincerely, Veronica.
08/02/15Anita Lall$136.00Keep up the good work Jose!
08/02/15Teresa Velasquez$34.00
08/02/15Taylor Yeary$20.00Good luck, buddy. Gig 'em!
08/02/15Josette Gonzales$10.59Wonderful project! Good luck.
08/02/15Ingrid Campos$10.59Gig'Em Ag!
08/02/15Chelsea Hill$10.00
08/02/15Cynthia Reyna$68.00
08/02/15Fred Alves$35.29Greetings from Brazil.
08/02/15Griselda Vazquez$51.75
08/02/15Lisa Adams$103.20Thank you!
08/02/15Anton Kolomiets$35.29
08/01/15Jacqueline Ray$68.00Gig 'Em
08/01/15Carmen Mueller$100.00
08/01/15Justin Arvids$50.00
08/01/15Brandon Klekar$140.25
08/01/15Marytere Rios$10.00
08/01/15Lloyd Harrison$10.00
08/01/15Ashley Mcbride$10.00
08/01/15Catalina Rodriguez$10.00
08/01/15Thalia Vizcardo$28.09
08/01/15Anthony Williams$147.45
08/01/15Nicole Gautam$34.00
08/01/15Paula Martinez$20.00
08/01/15Mayra Garza$20.00
08/01/15Victoria Noris$35.29Gig 'Em
07/31/15Patricia Huskin$68.00
07/31/15Haley McClure$35.29
07/31/15Rachel Jones$10.00
07/31/15Anonymous$35.29So glad to hear about this project... Water is so essential to life!
07/31/15Vanessa Villanueva$20.00sorry I took a while but better late then never gig'em and keep up the good work
07/31/15Taka Kobayashi$68.00
07/31/15Brian Valle$20.88Keep up the good work!
07/31/15Stephanie Ruiz$20.88
07/31/15Kameron Bradley$34.00Sorry this donation took so long! :) Such a great cause Jose!!
07/31/15Raissa Mildner$40.00
07/31/15Allison Grainger$10.00
07/31/15Mauricio Gutierrez$17.80
07/30/15Ben Morales$34.00Best of luck!
07/30/15Abdon Espiricueta $35.29Gig'em Ags!
07/29/15Jessica Rice$70.28
07/29/15Ebony Christian$35.29
07/29/15Gabrielle Guevara$34.00
07/28/15Lisa Warren$68.00
07/28/15Kirsten Stubbs$35.29
07/28/15Amber Dawson$20.00
07/28/15Brandon McFarlane$51.75
07/28/15Bin Bin Cheng$15.74Good luck
07/28/15Taylor Kunkel$34.00
07/28/15Anonymous$400.00Gig Em Ag
07/28/15Christina Tamplin$68.00
07/27/15Brian Teng$10.59
07/27/15Maziar Zarea$10.00
07/27/15Jace Cooley$59.15Good luck!
07/26/15Earl Rice$140.25Thanks for bringing this up. Glad to help.
07/26/15Brandon Harrison$10.59
07/26/15Lyndsie Currie$15.00Good luck on your goal!
07/25/15Katherine Winbrinck$20.88Thank you for doing something so wonderful. Good luck on your trip!
07/25/15Rebecca Diaz$25.00Hope all goes well for this great cause!
07/25/15Sharath Girimaji$77.48This is a great cause Jose -- Dr. G
07/24/15Claudia Paredes$34.00Never forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one!
07/23/15Lynda Olivarez$15.00
07/23/15Donna Keplac$103.20
07/22/15Danielle Cyr$20.00
07/22/15Araceli Nava$35.29Thank you Jos, great product.
07/21/15Vivian Reyes$34.00
07/21/15Ashley Sanchez $20.00
07/21/15Cynthia Pieper$15.95Honorable cause! Good luck reaching your goal! :)
07/21/15Tomas Perez$200.00
07/21/15Sheri Tilley$140.25Nice Jose! I've been to Honduras a couple of time on water project, nothing better than bringing the living water to those villages!!
07/20/15Steven De Hoog$35.29
07/20/15John P$35.29
07/20/15Clara Armendariz $35.29
07/20/15Diana Torres$34.00What a great project! Glad to help out!
07/19/15Michael Young$35.29
07/19/15Alexander Nelowet$35.29Solid cause!
07/17/15Veronica Betts$70.28
07/17/15Miguel Sierra$25.00Good luck!
07/17/15Carlos Sampson$25.00
07/16/15Anonymous$15.00Good luck!
07/15/15Lauren Carter$15.00
07/15/15Harmon McClanahan$10.59
07/15/15Fernando Aguilera$34.00
07/14/15Jillian Davis$50.00
07/12/15Hugo Calderon$70.28
07/12/15Sebastien Quintanilla$26.03
07/12/15Amanda Barrier$140.25
07/10/15Angel Silva$72.33Hehe becuz we were once rivals... hook'em m/
07/10/15Francesca Barton$70.28
07/08/15Ricardo Pellegrino$21.29Gig 'Em
07/08/15Luke Henry$10.59
07/07/15Sean Chiu$10.00
07/06/15Ian N$35.29
07/05/15Julio R Gonzalez$34.00Because we all deserve clean water!
07/04/15Nathan Smith$70.28
07/03/15Jackie Rupley$35.29Defend the cause of the weak & fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor & oppressed. Rescue the weak & the needy-Psalm 82:4 In honor of JamilynHull
07/01/15Jonathan Howarth$10.00Great project! Good luck
07/01/15Amanda M$68.00
07/01/15Andrew Page$26.03
07/01/15Cindy Rodriguez$70.28Great cause!
06/30/15Johanna Pena$10.00
06/30/15Stephanie Monk$15.00
06/30/15Cynthia Lopez$34.00Keep up the great work!
06/30/15Omar Ghannoum$50.00
06/30/15Jose Long$103.20Thanks for all the help everyone, I really appreciate it!
06/29/15Eloisa Barrantes$34.00Hello Jose, I hope this small amount can do a big difference in your project!! Best wishes! Eloisa
06/29/15Aman Vasdev$34.00
06/29/15Reid Garcia$70.28
06/29/15Taylor Cooning$34.00
06/29/15Kristin Hairston$10.59To a clean earth and all it's children.
06/28/15Alex Cardenas$35.29
06/28/15Liz Perez$34.00
06/27/15Nathan Darr$35.29
06/27/15Justin Toombs$68.00
06/27/15Lindsay Rapp Gallery$35.29:)
06/27/15Darren Campion$70.28
06/27/15Amo Vera$34.00
06/27/15Clarissa Delgado$10.59Good luck! Hope you reach your goals soon :)
06/26/15Katie Crutsinger$68.00
06/26/15Kareem El-Gohary$35.29
06/24/15Nikki Spoonamore$20.88
06/24/15Justin Corneau$68.00Hope this helps Jose! We love helping the world too!
06/24/15Kara Caldwell$34.00Great job Jose!
06/23/15Anonymous$20.00Good luck! Great cause
06/23/15Brad Smith$35.29
06/22/15Victor Cabias$51.75
06/22/15Kalyn Davidson$15.74
06/22/15Candace Hernandez$50.00I love the cause. Thanks for sharing the opportunity of reaching out with the water project.
06/22/15Kylie Hopkins$34.00
06/22/15Bailey Huber$34.00
06/22/15Kayley Trotter$35.29
06/22/15Kate Schlinke$34.00Yes to clean water!! :)
06/21/15Saray Martinez$10.59Keep up the great work!
06/21/15Clarissa Jaime$10.59
06/21/15Christopher Kirkland$70.28
06/20/15Jose Long$103.20
06/20/15Jessica Rice$35.29
06/20/15Alex George$10.00H20 > Gatorade
06/19/15Jazmine Votzmeyer $34.00
06/19/15Juan Enciso$20.00
06/19/15Connor Johnson$70.28
06/19/15Samantha Casas$70.28Great Cause...Good Luck Jay!!
06/19/15Valerie Tanon$68.00
06/19/15Marco Minor$50.00
06/18/15Jacob Malsam$35.29Thanks for working with such a great cause Jose. Happy to donate!
06/18/15Jailene Santana$20.88
06/18/15Stephen Ruth$34.00Thank you Jose for your plight to improve the human condition. SR'92
06/18/15Elizabeth Gomez$68.00
06/17/15Bryan Castillo$25.00
06/17/15José Vélez$34.00
06/17/15Noel Fuller$20.00
06/17/15Nicole Mihalko$25.00
06/17/15Ming Liu$50.00- Wish you all the best!
06/17/15THOMAS THOMPSON$10.00
06/16/15Joe Rodriguez$10.00Good luck!
06/16/15Elsie Ponce$136.00:)
06/16/15Taylor Rackley$50.00
06/16/15Jose Long$103.20
06/15/15Ana Anguiano$103.20
06/15/15Vivian Holder$20.88Everyone deserves clean water!
06/15/15Jenny Banegas$34.00
06/15/15Ben Antoine$35.29
06/15/15Ezequiel Hernandez$50.00
06/14/15Kristin McLaughlin$25.00
06/14/15Melissa Bartee$34.00
06/14/15Amanda Aparicio$25.00
06/14/15Cade Wood$70.28
06/14/15Kyle Fleming$20.88
06/14/15Alex Rodriguez$15.00
06/14/15Klara De La Garza$34.00
06/14/15I V$35.29
06/13/15Lenny Rodriguez$70.28
06/13/15Richard Martinez$15.00Glad to help you out on this Jose!
06/13/15Damian Garcia$51.75
06/13/15Ashly Spevacek$35.29
06/13/15Adrian Aparicio$51.75Little donation to help the cause.. Will pass along the info to others!
06/12/15Sandy Eddins$34.00
06/12/15Jeri Wright$35.29
06/12/15Jimmy Espitia$68.00A little bit of help goes a long way. Keep up the good work.
06/12/15Nien Tionko$20.88
06/11/15Abelardo Bocanegra$20.88
06/11/15Alexis Garcia $15.00
06/11/15Carolina Quintanilla$20.00beautiful cause!
06/10/15Brad Hoover$35.29
06/10/15Nichole Brown$140.25I always take clean water for granted. I truly think this is a great cause and hope the family get the benefits soon.
06/10/15Isbel Ramirez $20.88
06/10/15LIVIER LUGO$136.00
06/09/15Lora Gonzalez$68.00
06/09/15Christine Spencer$50.00
06/08/15Jacqueline Lantow$34.00
06/08/15Violeta Rocha$50.00
06/08/15Juan Carlos Anaya$34.00
06/07/15Priscilla Barragan$34.00
05/29/15Jose Long$100.00

Why It Matters

Access to clean, safe water unlocks potential

About The Water Project

The Water Project, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization unlocking human potential by providing clean, safe water to communities around the world who suffer needlessly without.

Working with local partners in countries like Kenya, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, and Uganda, we build long lasting water projects that are organized, owned and managed by the communities receiving them.

Together, with our partners we identify, implement, report on and follow up on every project. Then we share the whole story with you to inspire confidence in the work being done and the impact it has.