Water-related Education Materials for Grades K-2

The following are suggestions for water-related activities in the Kindergarten, first and second-grade classrooms:

Water Field Day Activity Guide

Host a water field day event using the following guide!  (Use CTRL + Click on the hyperlinks to access full activity directions)

Click Here to Download the Field Day Guide

The following stand-alone online activities are age-appropriate for Grades K-2:

Interactive Games

Gel-Mo’s Storybook
This interactive booklet teaches children how to clean their hands if soap and water are not available

6 Steps to Wash Your Hands
This game will help children learn proper hand washing techniques

Scrub Club Webisode #1
This is a 10-minute cartoon with three easy games to teach children to wash their hands before they eat

Scrub Club Villain Gallery
Learn about the bacteria that can cause illness without proper hygiene

Scrub Club
Learn about E. coli and handwashing with this interactive matching game

Scrub Club 5 Finger Alert
Learn about handwashing and the Influenza virus

Test Your Water Knowledge
Help the water flow through the pipes by answering water-related trivia

Water Songs
Sing along with and learn with these water-related songs

Coloring Pages

Thirstin’s Wacky Water Adventure Coloring Book
This coloring book has a series of exercises including coloring, word searches, mazes, crossword puzzles, etc., to help children learn about protecting and conserving drinking water

GRACE’s Water User Coloring Book
At least 8 pages of online coloring exercises that deal with water usage

Word Games

Recycle Maze
A maze to help kids get the aluminum can to the recycling bin

Bulletin Board Ideas

Three printable posters depicting Water Usage

Water Education Posters from the US Geological Survey: Each poster comes with an educational section describing components of the poster and activities to help children understand the concepts introduced.  All are available either online or as PDF versions.  Click the link for your preferred method of delivery.


Keeping Water Clean
Build a basic water filter with paper

Handprint Evaporation pdf version
Teach children about evaporation on a sunny day

Fun with bubbles
Teach children about surface tension

The following lesson plans are courtesy of https://www.wef.org

Happy the Fish
Teach the effects of water pollution.

Drink It Up
A lesson on our bodies need for water

Spongy Wetlands
Learning how wetlands provide flood control and water storage