Partnership & Sustainability

It's How We Work in The Field

Local, in-country leadership and indigenous staff are the key to what we do. We carefully recruit, train, equip and partner with local implementing partners who have demonstrated long term relationships and commitments to the people they serve.

We're committed to funding projects that last. To ensure that happens means working closely with our implementing partners to establish clearly defined goals for each water project, like our Five-Point Water Project Process.

For Others

We're passionate about unlocking potential. After all, water doesn't change anything; the people we serve do. Providing access to clean, safe water helps capable and determined people realize the hope they have for their own futures.

Water is only the beginning. Numbers of people helped and points on a map, though important, can't tell the whole story.

Our hope is by providing detailed reporting on everything we do, you'll be able to better understand how this effort really matters.

With Others

Our partners understand that our work must be collaborative. Not one of us has all the answers. We all listen first and lead only when it makes sense.

Each partner brings specific strengths and expertise to this effort. Our job is to communicate those skills across our program for everyone's benefit. We're constantly learning and sharing with the people we work with and serve.

The communities are the true owners of these water projects. We expect our partners to fully engage with each of them to understand their goals and aspirations first, offering guidance and wisdom where appropriate, so that over time the community owns the effort and we're no longer needed.

For Life

Access to clean, safe water is not a one-time fix. It's only helpful if it remains ...for life. Making sure this happens is perhaps our biggest challenge.

We're working with each of our partners to implement and regularly improve on comprehensive monitoring programs for each of our water points.

Over the first few years, teams visit new or restored water points to ensure that water is flowing and communities remain committed to the project. When they fail, we have failed...but that's not where it ends.

Every broken pump or apathetic community leader is at least partly our fault. Learning from mistakes and being transparent about it is our commitment. So is making it right whenever we can.

Then, when a water project is truly successful, all the good that flows can be a testament to the hope, hard work, and perseverance of those we are privileged to serve.

Our Partners

Active Partners:

  • African Sand Dam Foundation (ASDF), Kenya
  • Sawashi (formerly Bridge Water Project), Kenya
  • The Water Trust, USA and Uganda
  • Mariatu's Hope, Sierra Leone
  • WeWaSaFo, Kenya

Former Partners:

  • IcFEM, Kenya
  • Living Water International, USA, Rwanda, Uganda, Burkina Faso
  • Pamoja Trust, Kenya
  • NeverThirst, USA and South Sudan
  • Staff of Hope, USA and Kenya
  • Water Harvest International, USA and Sudan
  • Wells for Life, USA and India

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