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Donors & Volunteers

"The Water Project is a wonderful organization. All staff I have worked with have been kind, courteous, and professional. One of the best parts of donating to them was seeing the status updates of the project that the money went to. A rewarding experience to say the least."

Donors & Volunteers

"The Water Project has given me an opportunity to help THOUSANDS of people gain access to clean drinking water. Very few pursuits are more noble than providing the less fortunate with a basic necessity for life. "

Donors & Volunteers

"The Water Project is one of my favorite charities since I can see exactly where my donation goes, I can follow the process of each project and even get updates after the project has been finished. The Water Project is very transparent and I highly recommend it. The people over there do an amazing job! "

Donors & Volunteers

"Over 10 years ago I read a book, A Long Walk to Water, which inspired me to find an organization to support that was doing water projects in 3rd world countries. I have an accounting background so when I came upon TWP I thoroughly researched their financials and found them to be financially sound and saw they were putting donations to work directly instead of building up big reserves of cash like many non-profits. They are a joy to work with and I am so thankful to be a part of the legacy of clean water they have and continue to leave behind. So many people are touched and communities transformed with access to clean, safe water."

Donors & Volunteers

"I've been working with The Water Project for several years now and I've always found the experience a joy. I write books for children as a hobby and use them to help raise money for various projects that The Water Project is planning. I think I've taken part in half a dozen projects so far and Maggie and crew have been great to work with. They have helped me put together my fund raising pages and have kept me fully informed as to the status of each project, sending me pictures upon their completion. I love the pictures of the men, women, and children when a project is completed. They remind me and those who join with me the amazing difference clean water and good sanitation makes in our lives."

Donors & Volunteers

"The Water Project has stayed close to my heart since I first contacted them in 2018. Tess Crick and I had more than one wonderful phone conversation and she answered every question I had thoroughly, knowledgeably and warmly enthusiastic! It didn't take long before I felt a part of their Water Project Community! I knew right away that no donation was too small and is welcomed with such thankful open arms! There are endless ways to give which can include involving your own community! After we became involved, we received and continue to receive the most useful information regarding our specific projects which include beautiful pictures and testimonies. The Water Project staff works directly with the local communities, teaching and supporting their efforts so they will be able to maintain the clean water that they so graciously and thankfully receive! It is just remarkable to be able to give to an organization that saves lives and changes the future of so many incredible communities!! The miles between us all shrink due to the inspirational work of The Water Project and their connection to each and every person in the communities they serve and the donors that give! We feel extremely fortunate to be part of their Family of service! "

Donors & Volunteers

"This is an amazing organization doing wonderful work bringing water to people and educating them. This is heartwarming to see how they help communities."

Hillary C.
Donors & Volunteers

"Earlier this year I started a fundraising campaign with The Water Project. They were super helpful in giving me the tools I needed to run a successful campaign. I appreciate their regular communication with me yet they didn't bombard me with emails. Any questions I had were answered swiftly. Their customer support staff were very knowledgeable and friendly. Their follow-up after someone makes a donation is fantastic. You know exactly where your money is going and you can follow the progress of the project you supported to the end. "

Donors & Volunteers

"I have just started my third fundraising campaign with The Water Project. As a teacher, I start a new one each year, and use it as a platform to not only help raise money, but also to help my fifth graders further develop global awareness, deepen their compassion, and feel that they have played an active role in making a difference in the world.

The Water Project is certainly committed to making a difference in the world. By working to bring safe, clean drinking water to local African villages, they are really empowering communities. With water, more children can go to school. Fewer women and children risk their lives on long treks to dirty watering holes. There is a huge increase in the overall health of the community. Each of these seemingly small things helps to level the playing field and provide for more equity for the community members. Each of these seemingly small things is making a huge impact.

The people that I have worked with at the Water Project have been so incredibly supportive and helpful. when I started my first campaign, Maggie reached right out to me to introduce herself. I had so many questions when I first started out, and she was right there to answer all of them. She also gave me so many great ideas to increase the engagement of my school, and ultimately, increase my fundraising. She even recently hosted a Google Meet with my team of teachers and students to introduce the project for this school year, and answer any of our questions. She was amazing!! Maggie was able to answer any question that my fifth graders threw at her, and was so upbeat, positive and helpful. The students had additional questions after our session ended, so Maggie said she would answer them via email. Overall, she and all of the others that I have had contact with have been so easy to get ahold of, knowledgeable, and show genuine passion for the work they do.

I could not be more happy to be doing my part to help The Water Project fulfill their vision. "