Matipa Village - Well Repair

Matipa Well Repair Begins

Clean Water for a community in Zambia

Completed in October 2008, this water project now serves over 1,000 people in Matipa Village.

These repairs were sponsored by Balmoral Hall School for Girls, Grace D. and her 3rd grade class from Poquonock School, and the Forest United Methodist Church.

For just over $1,000 (this repair was a complete rebuild), these three groups have provided water for less than $1/person.

It should last for another 10 years!

Water Restored

Matipa Well Repair Completed

The old well had ceased to function and an attempt to fix had only made matters worse. Upon completion of the well, community members spoke of how thankful they were to once again have clean water.

This brand new well is located in Zambia:
Lat: 013 28.024 S
Long: 028 40.606 E
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You can read the Full Report (.pdf) here.

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