Nkwazi Well Repair

Nkwazi well getting new apron.Nkwazi well being repaired.

Nkwazi well getting new pump.Nkwazi well being used by schoolchildren border=

Clean Water for a school and community in Zambia

This well repair was completed in June 2008 and serves over 1,300 people in Nkwazi, Ndola.

It was sponsored by a family who decided to give the gift of water to Zambia instead of giving gifts to each other.

The newly rebuilt well is located in Zambia:
Lat: 012 56.263
Long: 028 38.643
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Upon completion of the well, one community member noted that the "Nkwazi school has longed for a bore hole, they had no knowledge of the abandoned bore hole found in their area...[it] is a blessing to their community."

You can read the Full Report (.pdf) here.

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