Blogging for water – Can you help too?

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

“Millions of people get upset if the first drops of water in their shower bear faint taints of rust. Many are outraged if their hot water is not scalding. Thousands of us take for granted the immediate provision of clean, safe, temperature-controlled water — and we shouldn’t.

Many of us spend generous chunks of change on mugs of intricate coffee or cups of complex tea. Quite rightly, we press to know that the goods we buy are produced and purchased with care. Whilst we vacillate between one choice and another, people whose lives could be changed by the cost of a few choice cups are going without clean water.”

Check out the whole post HERE.

Spread the Word

We spotted the blog post above a few days ago and were encouraged to know that the story of water is being told!

Taking the time to write a blog post, send an email, share a link on facebook, or even to Tweet a link to The Water Project does a great good.

It raises awareness and it inspires others to act.

We hope more of you take the opportunity to spread the word.

Check out our HTML for H2O Campaign to learn how to help in this vital effort.

Here’s a sample of what some other bloggers are doing to help by linking to or discussing our work:





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