New Well in India: Meetpar School Well

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Girls wash up at restored water taps

Girls wash up at restored water taps

Here’s some more details about the new Meetpar School well in India, donated by Northview Christian Church.

Our partner reports…

We rolled into this high school, which is run by the Catholic Church, first thing after dropping our bags at the hotel and having lunch.  It appears that their original well site failed. The school contacted Father Dhana concerning the need to re-drill the bore well, install a submersible pump motor and then distribute the water to 2 new places on the campus for the student’s use.

Pulling up was incredible, all the kids, at least 500 of them all lined up and cheered.  We shook hands, gave high- five’s and then shared with them how a church in the USA cared enough for them that they gave to help bring water.  They were encouraged in their faith, Jesus and the need to follow the dreams that God puts in their hearts.

Afterward we dedicated the project and saw the kids using the water from the taps,  taking a lot of photos.  A highlight of this dedication was the dances that were performed in our honor and the newspaper photographer which shared and took pictures.  Apparently his wife is a teacher there so he took a special interest in our efforts.

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