New Well in India: Poondi Pu

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Students celebrate their new well

Students celebrate their new well

This is well #4 funded by Northview Christian Church.

Our partner reports,

Poondi Pu School was our second stop of the day with 6 projects to go.  This is a government run school which from an appearance point of view was a stark contrast than our previous stop. Here the kids were younger, 300 of them and somewhat unsure of us as visitors.  We seemed like strangers to them and it took them a little time to warm up to us.  By the time we left though we had many of them smiling; taking their picture really helps!

This project was a single hand pump bore well which has it’s primarily provides water to the children at the school as well as the nearby huts.


[xmlgm {http://thewaterproject.org/kmz/poondi.kmz} zoom=12]

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