New Well in India: Adi Dravidar, Poondi

Friday, March 6th, 2009

Adi Dravidar, Poondi

adi_dravidarThis is Well #5, given by Northview Christian Church.

In this village there are 100 dalit families with a population of 400 in the Adi Dravidar Street area. Most of them are landless agricultural laborers.

Though there is a water tank with pipelines in the village, most of the time the water tank is dry and there is no regular water distribution in the water taps. As the water is pumped and stored into the water tank once every ten or fifteen days, tank water is suitable only for washing and other purposes and not for drinking as the water is not cleaned.

They used to draw water from the nearby agricultural open wells for drinking.


[xmlgm {http://thewaterproject.org/kmz/adi_dravidar.kmz} zoom=12]

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