Kendu Bay Wells Complete

Friday, April 24th, 2009

I just got a call from our friend, Zuddy, who is a Kenyan – now living here in the US.  He got a call this week from his friends in Kendu Bay Area, Kenya.

He shared some very exciting news…

Read more to see how your donations in late ’08 – early ’09 have changed nearly 8,000 lives (corrected).  Find out which well you helped build!!!

8,000 Get Clean Water (corrected)

The community leaders in the following Kendu Bay area locations each report that clean, safe and good tasting water is now flowing to somewhere close to 8,000 people.

The people their have been celebrating these wells and are extremely happy to have access to clean water!

Three of the four wells are located at schools, with the fourth located in a community common area, available to all.

He passed on a few details about them…photos are still on the way.

There will be more details to share soon, but we didn’t want to delay this great news one more minute.

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Kimira School Well:

Population – 1,840
Well Depth – 70 ft

Wells for Schools: Kenya Campaign

  • Gift date between July 31, 2008 – Oct. 31, 2008

Millville Baptist Church – N.B., Canada
First Covenant Church – Iron Mountain, MI
Summit United Methodist Church – Erie, PA

Osika Community (Roadside Well):

Area Population – 1,200 (corrected)
Well Depth – 80 ft

“Help Dig Wells” and “Change Christmas” Campaign

  • Gift Date Between October 28, 2008 – December 25, 2008

Simbi School Well:

Population – 2,782 + Children
Well Depth – 70 ft

St. Peters Catholic Church –  Greenville, NC

Osika School Well:

Population – 2,003 + Children
Well Depth – 60 ft

Wells for Schools: Kenya Campaign

  • Gift Date Between November 12, 2008 – January 30, 2009

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