Ebumamu and Khasunire Under Construction

Work has begun at both Ebumamu and Khasunire well sites.  Children at both sites were excited to welcome the drill crews and their rigs.

We’re hoping that with our crew now hooked up to Flickr, we should be getting more frequent picture updates.  Here are a few they sent over last night from the drill sites.

As always, as soon as the next update arrives, we’ll post it here!

Who’s Helping? (which well did you support)

Ebumamu: Public donations between Dec. 26, 2008 – Jan. 10, 2009

Khasunire: Public donations between Jan. 15, 2009 – Jan. 26, 2009

Without your help, these projects simply wouldn’t happen.  Donations to The Water Project, Inc. are what keep these crews in the field, drilling wells for children and families in Western Kenya.  Thank you for getting involved.

Get involved, donate, and watch as your gifts are put into action!