1km in Other’s Shoes

Imagine walking over 1 km every time you needed to get a drink of clean water.  What would it be like to lug around huge containers of water with you, all day…even at school?

Five students at Sir Sandford Fleming College in Lindsay, Ontario did just that in order to raise over $500 for clean water!

Each student pledged not to use their own taps for 48 hours.  Every time they needed water, they walked over 1km to a water station (a friend’s house) to fill up.  When they didn’t hit their fundraising goal in 48 hours, they kept up the effort for two more days.

Nathalie S. said in a letter to us,

“The idea was that we would gain an appreciation for having potable water at the turn of a tap while raising awareness of water issues to all those we talked to…carrying huge containers of water around the school will get lots of attention.”

We have to say, that’s one of the most inspirational fundraisers we’re heard of.  We were moved.  Not only will at least 50 people get clean water for a decade…but hundreds of folks at Fleming College will never forget those five students with the water jugs.

Way to go Nathalie and crew!!