YOUth Missions Steps Up and Helps Big Time

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

YOUth Missions, Hackensack, NJ

YOUth Missions, Hackensack, NJ

We are the YOUth Missions group of the Second Reformed Church, Hackensack, N.J. We are made up of youth ranging in ages 11 to 18. Most of our work involves outreach to our community homeless but each spring we take on a new project. This year our members began learning about the world water crisis. We watched informational videos, researched causes and solutions on the web, and passed on what we learned to members of our church congregation.

In April we organized a 2 week Water Challenge. The response was wonderful. On the 14th day all the members of The Second Reformed Church poured their collection cups into one big bucket during the worship service. After the service our church family continued to support the YOUth Missions Clean Water Project by purchasing goods from The Water Project Bake Sale.

… We will be adding a link on our church web site to The Water Project home page. Please keep us posted on which project our fundraiser will be supporting so we can keep them in our prayers and report the progress back to the congregation.

Thank you for all your work and we look forward to staying involved. 

No… Thank You!  You guys really stepped it up and have made an incredible impact.  We’re proud to have you as partners in this work.

Watch this space and we’ll keep you updated on the specific well you’ll help build in just a few weeks.

Way to go!

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