Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Over 1,500 girls attend the Eva Marrie Girls School in Perambalur, India.  The shear size of the school magnified the lack of access to water.  Before this well and distribution systems were constructed,  the school children would have to leave the grounds to access public taps or they would use a small amount of water which the school was forced to pay for from a “water cart”.  Improving access to water means more time in class, less danger traveling outside of school grounds and far better access to proper sanitation, a huge issue for a girls school.

Wells for Life, the implementing partner, reported that…

“Driving up and seeing all 1,500 girls lined up and waiting for our arrival was special.  It was late in the day but nonetheless worth the wait.  We took some video and explained who the donor was and of their care and concern for people, especially children.  It was evident these girls were thankful.  Seeing the size and scope of the project was inspiring and a relief because after witnessing the sheer number of girls, a small project wouldn’t have sufficed, so a huge thank you to Northview Christian Church!”

Pictures from the Project:
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