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Friday, December 18th, 2009

OctoberfeAst 2009

OctoberfeAst 2009

“Come to OktoberfeAst!  Drink, give, rejoice, and help us build a well!”

That’s how the invite read when a non-profit group in California decided to step-up and do something they’d never done before for people they’ve never met.

Over 150 people, 65 pounds of Bratwurst, and one polka band were just the beginning of a great day of giving this past November.  Together they raised $5,300 for clean water!

Now…in just a few months, well drillers will begin constructing the first of two wells that Who Will We Will and friends funded in Sudan. Thanks for all your…ahem…hard work. 😉



Who Will We Will is a small non-profit founded in 2008 in Los Angeles by a group of twenty-something friends with zero previous fundraising experience. And that’s precisely the point. It has been our goal to show others that, with a little bit of passion and a whole lot of determination, literally anyone can make the profoundest of impacts. Each year we hold one fundraiser, which we dub “The Feast”, with the intent of raising money for a different underfunded international cause, where our somewhat modest donations can make a lasting impact.

This year, we chose The Water Project, and on November 21st, held an event we dubbed “OktoberfeAst”. Held in the spirit of the yearly Bavarian tradition of Oktoberfest, we brought in 65lbs of Bratwurst, 6 kegs of German beer, an amazing 4 piece polka band, and a gaggle of silent auction items and other fun stuff for our guests.

Yes..that's a Polka Band.

Yes..that's a Polka Band.

Over 150 people attended and we were able to raise more than enough to build a new well in Southern Sudan, with a little extra to chip in to go toward another well in a location of The Water Project’s choosing. Our marketing slogan for this year’s event was simple: “Drink Beer. Give Water. Save Lives. Have a Blast.” The crowd ate (and drank) it up, literally, feeling secure knowing that every dollar they donated translated to 1 year of clean water for someone who may have never previously had access to it in Africa.Thank you so much to The Water Project for providing us with a very tangible fundraising goal and for finding a way to make our guests’ somewhat modest donations have such a lasting impact. The money for the construction of this well was provided with love from over 200 different donors in Los Angeles.

Actually… Thank You!!

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