WaSH Training at Mama Sukuma Womens Group

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Our implementing team recently spent the day with the community and staff of the Mama Sukuma Self Help Group in Western Kenya.  In a few weeks, this community will be receiving their new well.  To prepare them for this and to ensure the impact of the project is as great as possible, WaSH training (Water Sanitation and Hygiene) is carried out.

Here is the unedited report from our partner…

The chairlady of the group among others were there to receive us as they were really happy to get information and later get clean water which they have been eagerly waiting for long. They together appreciated the efforts Bridge water is doing to make communities get clean water so that they can concentrate on other development issues respectively. After the education as a group they agreed to pass on this information to the other community members beginning with their family members

They felt by getting water close they have more time for other projects they are involved in, when there is drought they will be able to use the water for irrigation especially planting of vegetables. The general acceptance of education is high in all communities and its something we will continue doing to make people make informed choices over their Hygiene and sanitation in relation to the clean water that Bridge water project is providing. May we live to continue to support more communities with the right  information and clean water.

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