Well Completed at St. James ACK Church

Monday, June 28th, 2010

The well at St. James ACK Church near Kakamega, Kenya has been completed and handed over to the church community.

Our implementing partner reported from the ceremony…(unedited)

“Bridge Water Project officers arrived on Sunday and it was good to have the Sunday service with the Christians of St. James ACK Enanga who came in large numbers to receive their new well officially from BWP.

The Padre of the church described the well as living water that was given by Jesus Christ, as he quotes from the bible in the book of John 4:13 and there will be no thirsty, no water borne diseases to anybody who will take this water, he further said that may God bless The Water Project abundantly for them to continue blessing the needy with clean safe water all over the w world.

One of the church members who is in charge of Church Development committee described the well as a source of income to the church members, that they are going to use water from this new water source to sprinkle their crops during dry seasons and from this they will be able to raise funds to start their own small scale businesses. He also said that this new well is going to save time to the community members for them to concentrate on other activities since they will no longer walk miles away wasting time looking for dirty water. All church members were very thankful to The Water Project for providing clean water to millions of people in the world.”

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