Dedicated Donors: “Regular, middle-class guy” D’Laren has helped us build 10 projects so far!

Wednesday, February 7th, 2024

D’Laren has been donating to The Water Project (TWP) since 2021, which feels like a short amount of time in which to help fund ten whole water projects. Through his donations, D’Laren has altered the course of thousands of lives. He has been so incredibly generous, and we couldn’t be more thankful for him.

D’Laren once said to us, “I am both honored & humbled to be in a position financially to help bring people clean water. I am by no means well-off (or particularly interesting…). I’m just a regular, middle-class guy who has decided that maybe I don’t need a new ‘toy’ every month…and have instead decided to spend my ‘disposable income’ helping people gain access to the most basic of needs: clean water.”

We think this quote showcases the humble, selfless approach D’Laren takes to philanthropy. We hope we can continue to work with him far into the future!


TWP: What moment(s) made you realize the importance of water?

D’Laren: One evening, the sprinklers were on in the front yard, and I had just started a second load of laundry…two routines that involve the heavy use of water. For some reason, it hit me that night — the plants in my yard were consuming cleaner water than actual human beings who live in remote parts of the world. My old socks in the washing machine were being rinsed with water that was more sanitary than the water being used to cook with by families in rural villages…

…It just didn’t seem fair.

TWP: How would you describe your life goals? How does giving to help others access clean water fit with your life’s mission?

D’Laren: My life goals are centered around improving the human condition. By lessening the suffering of others, I’d like to think that I am helping to make this world at least a slightly better place – and I can think of no better way to do that, than to help people gain access to clean water.

TWP: What led you to The Water Project? What made you decide to work with us over other organizations doing similar work?

D’Laren: Transparency.

I wanted to be involved with a charitable organization whose impact I could track & monitor – in real-time. I didn’t want to feel like my donations were being sent into the ether – never to be seen again. With The Water Project, I can track the work that they’re doing via field reports, or I can monitor their projects using the live, interactive maps on their website.

TWP: Are there any particular stories/quotes/videos you’ve received from The Water Project that you particularly remember?

D’Laren: The stories of the people who attempt to install their own wells or water springs always stand out to me. The people in those communities make an admirable attempt to solve their water crisis – without the professional know-how – and usually fall a little short of success. It’s especially rewarding for me to be able to help fund the completion of those types of projects – to help nudge them across the finish line.

TWP: What advice would you give to someone else considering a donation to The Water Project?

D’Laren: If you decide to get involved, your donation(s) will change the trajectory of life (human, animal, & plant) in a part of the world of your choosing. This is an opportunity to help improve the quality of life for all living things within the range of the project(s) that you fund.

TWP: How do you feel when you receive a project report from The Water Project?

D’Laren: Thankful.

Thankful that The Water Project exists. Thankful that the project was successfully completed. And thankful that I was able to help.

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Jamie Heminway

Jamie is a storyteller by nature. In joining the Water Project, she’s finally found a workplace where that pesky bleeding heart of hers can be put to use (and, less importantly, that BA in English Language & Literature from New England College).