Featured Fundraisers: Scott City School District is Fundraising for a Whole Year!

Friday, March 15th, 2024

When we first spoke to Heather Helle, Music Teacher and Honor Choir Director at Scott City School District in Missouri, her enthusiasm bowled us over. And then we found out why: that her students had actually been the ones to give her that enthusiasm. We knew then that we just had to speak with her and hear more about what she and her students are doing to help spread the word about their ongoing clean water fundraiser.

Heather in a school photo.

The Water Project (TWP): What are your fundraising plans at the moment? 


  • We are involving our school district (Kindergarten through 12th grade) and community to be a part of the fundraising. 
  • We have a hat day for the k-12 fundraiser (students can wear a hat to school for a donation).
  • We are including QR codes for concert programs so that not only school families but visitors to our programs can have an easy way to donate. 
  • We are planning a walk around the high school track with the elementary school this spring. Students will be carrying a gallon jug of water to “experience” carrying water while they walk. 
  • We have several high school students in Student Council and FTA (Future Teachers of America) wanting to plan some fundraisers that are still in progress as well. 
  • We have had young students even raising money from selling hot cocoa to turning in their allowance!
  • We are in the works of planning more fundraising ideas. 

TWP: Do you have a deadline or cut-off date in mind?

Heather: We are giving ourselves until the end of the year (December 2024). 

TWP: What made you decide to get involved in fundraising for clean water? In other words, share the story or moment that made you/your students feel particularly connected to the work The Water Project does.

Heather: Every year, my students do a song from Africa in my 2nd grade music class. In their music book, we see a picture of the Maasai People of Kenya. After we learn the song, we explore the country and learn about the lives of the Maasai People. One of the sad facts we find is that they have a terrible need for water. 

For several years now, my students have wanted to do something, but we didn’t know where to turn or how to help. Hearing the students passionately ask to help these people, my principal, Dr. Keisha Panagos, gave me permission to pursue looking for a group to help people in Kenya, like the Maasai People, receive clean water. After looking intently, I found the Water Project and was very impressed. I knew they were who I wanted to ask our school and community to stand behind to help build a well for a community in Kenya. 

Since starting this project, it has been exciting to see a fire burning in kids to help other kids on the other side of their world! It’s inspiring to our school and community, especially to the adults. 

TWP: Would you recommend fundraising for The Water Project to others? 

Heather: Absolutely!

TWP: Why?

Heather: I have been very impressed with The Water Project — from talking with the representative that I am working with each time I have questions to the ease of starting the fundraising, to suggestions for fundraising ideas, and how easy they make it to manage the fundraising campaign page. 

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