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Project Type:  Well Rehab

Program: Wells for Burkina Faso

Impact: 500 Served

Project Phase: 
Under Community Care
Initial Installation: Feb 2014

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Community Profile

Upon completion of the project, our partner in the field reports...

When the Living Water Burkina Faso team arrived, 140 families including a Primary School with 112 students and a Community Center were dependent on an unprotected hand dug well located 6 kilometers outside the community, an unprotected spring and various forms of surface water both located a kilometer outside the community and tube wells and protected wells both located 2 kilometers outside the community to
meet all of their water needs. Because of this and the community’s practice of open defecation, families were suffering from diarrhea and severe dehydration among other preventable water related illnesses. Most residents are of Protestant, Catholic or Muslim faith and the local Catholic Church, Protestant Church and Krista Lawyire Churches will continue to cultivate new believers and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the unreached. During the team’s stay, community members assembled a Water Committee and Women’s Health Group who assisted the team with the water project whenever possible, supplied any materials they had available and guarded the team’s equipment during the night. These groups are also responsible for maintaining the well after the team leaves the area.

There were 558 community residents who attended Hygiene Promotion; including: 131 men, 162 women and 265 children. Using the Living Water Traditional Method, the team addressed: Germs, Hand Washing-Proper Techniques and Water Saving Methods, Good-Bad Hygiene Behaviors, Proper Care of Pump and Keeping the Water Clean.

The Living Water Burkina Faso team had an opportunity to meet with 33-year-old community member and village councilor ad farmer, Elise Some, who stated, "First of all, my name is Elise and I am the Councilor of V1 Koregnon. I thank LWI organization and their partners very much. I salute also the Americans who are their house. Thanks for all the trips out here you have made, and that you don't just rest beside the work. Thanks for your good work. I believe that this grace and love we have received comes from God. I believe also that you showed us the love we ought to have one for another, that we should help one another in the village. I thank them for doing all of this to come and give us clean water to drink. We were thirsty, but today joy has filled everyone in the village because we have clear water to drink. I want to thank you a lot and God who is strong."

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Well rehabilitation is one of the most cost effective ways to bring clean, safe water to a community.  Sometimes it involves fixing a broken hand pump, other times it means sealing a hand dug well to prevent it from being contaminated.  These repairs, and often time total replacements, coupled with sanitation and hygiene training make a huge impact in communities.


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