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This project is part of Bridge Water Project’s program in Western Kenya. What follows is direct from them:


The proposed project Viyalo  secondary school a mixed day and boarding  has been in existence since 1974 by the saints of Friends Viyalo church with the aim of eradicating illiteracy within the communities where it serves. And also to reduce distances covered by children while looking for Education from schools which were not near hence causing most of them drop out of school. Despite many challenges the school has  their main problem is lack of quality water for the students to use for drinking , cooking and especially that the school is bordering a primary School and Viyalo Friends church, the water would be of great use to them. The School has no piped water and they rely mainly on Rain water which is poorly Harvested and during dry seasons then the Girls have to walk to a spring 3km down the valley to look for unsafe water and up steep slope during dry season and this really affects the performance of the Girls and their behavior in General.


The students and pupils currently accesses water from Marande spring which is a 3 km away from the school compund. The water from the stream is turbid hence causing recurring problems of typhoid and cholera.  The Maranda spring is seasonal and does not give enough water leading to long queuing and by the time we visited it was drying up and the students claimed they waste a lot of time queuing hence wasting the time they should be in class reading. The villagers are drawing water at the same time as the students and conflicts sometimes arise. The turbidity value is 80 ways low the recommended standard by World Health Organization.


The school where the well is proposed has a population of 485 students and 9 teachers, the primary school has 670 students and 12 teachers and the community people are approximated at 200.


The school has 10 pit latrines for the students and four for teachers. They clean them every morning despite the scarcity of water whereas a hand washing point is stationed outside teacher’s toilets and one tip tap washing point outside the student’s toilets. From the walk in the school compound they have a compost pit where they throw the litter, Cloth lines which students dry their clothes after washing and generally the compound looks clean.


Water is greatly needed for drinking and cooking and the students domestic use and stop them from walking long distances to fetch water for their use and also improve sanitation and hygiene standards of the entire school.


The project will highly benefit the students and pupils of Viyalo and the community at large if the well will be drilled.


The school committee will be in charge of the water system. The water committee which is not yet to be formed will comprise of representatives from the primary and community leaders as well.

Project Photos

Recent Project Updates

04/11/2013: Viyalo Secondary School Project Complete!

We are excited to report that the rehabilitation of a well at Viyalo Secondary School in Kenya has been completed.  That well is once again a dependable source of water for the school and surrounding community.  We just posted a final set of pictures of the work and the completed well.  Take a look!

The Water Project : kenya4156_handing-over-3

03/27/2013: Progress at Viyalo Secondary School

The work is moving along to construct a new well at Viyalo Secondary School in Kenya.  We just posted a new set of pictures showing community hygiene education and of the well being drilled.  Lots of mud, lots of mess, but all worth it to bring safe, clean water to these students and their community!

The Water Project : kenya4156_drilling_3

Monitoring Data

Project Type:  Borehole Well and Hand Pump
ProjectID: 4156
Install Date:  04/11/2013

Monitoring Data
Water Point:
Last Visit: 03/05/2018
Well Depth:  98.00M

Visit History:
07/18/2014 — Functional
11/03/2015 — Functional
04/28/2016 — Functional
09/16/2016 — Functional
01/12/2017 — Functional
02/03/2017 — Functional
03/13/2017 — Functional
04/21/2017 — Functional
09/18/2017 — Functional
03/05/2018 — Functional


Project Sponsor - Kevin Hiebert

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Country Details


Population: 39.8 Million
Lacking clean water: 43%
Below poverty line: 50%

Partner Profile

Bridge Water Project has been funded by The Water Project almost since they got their start in 2007.  This local Kenyan NGO works directly with the communities and neighbors they know well.  Building relationships with these villages and the local government helps ensure that the water projects we fund are sustainable in the long term.

BWP works to repair up to four wells for every new one they install.  In this area of Kenya, many old and broken down water points still exist.  We have found that restoring these water points and establishing new plans for maintenance and monitoring, is quite cost effective.

We work closely with partners like BWP to strengthen their teams, through professional development growing their impact and quality of work over time.  Your donations make it all possible.