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Project Type:  Borehole Well and Hand Pump

Program: Wells for Schools - Kenya

Impact: 500 Served

Project Phase:  In Service - Aug 2010

Functionality Status:  Functional

Last Checkup: 02/14/2024

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Community Profile

The Maraba Primary School in Western Kenya serves over 1,000 students with 160 staff members.  Until recently, they had no source of safe, clean water.

Previously water was collected from rooftops when it rained and stored in tank.  But for the most part, students gathered water from a nearby river (seen below).  This river is contaminated by sewage and other activities around the river.

Just before this project began, our partner reported that there had been another outbreak of cholera - an often deadly water borne disease.

The school committee is overseeing this project.  They are already at work building additional latrines that will go a long way toward improving overall sanitation and hygiene.  With the addition of clean, safe water, the students health should improve dramatically.

Well Dedication Report (as filed by our implementer, unedited)

The visit was during school closing day and actually people came in large numbers including students, parents, teachers and entire community member. BWP members were happily welcomed with great joy through singing of praising songs i.e maji ni uhai (water is life).

The Headmaster of the school stood up and testifies that without this water in place the school could have been closed by public health officers due to poor hygiene and sanitation of the school, so it was the struggle of BWP along with interim WASH Manager Mr. Jack Owen for the school to be not closed down by providing the school with clean and safe drinking water.

Students promised to utilize time spent out looking for dirty water miles away now to sit down in class and concentrate in studies for them to improve academically while community members were very happy in that they will no longer suffer from waterborne diseases since they are having clean, safe drinking water.

Maraba is one of the most populated community in Kakamega town thus the well will serve more than 2000 people respectively.

Latest Update:
8/12/2010 - Well Completed - Report and Pictures Added
8/10/2010 - Pump Installation - Pictures Added
7/23/2010 - Drilling Complete - Picture Added

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Abundant water is often right under our feet! Beneath the Earth’s surface, rivers called aquifers flow through layers of sediment and rock, providing a constant supply of safe water. For borehole wells, we drill deep into the earth, allowing us to access this water which is naturally filtered and protected from sources of contamination at the surface level. First, we decide where to drill by surveying the area and determining where aquifers are likely to sit. To reach the underground water, our drill rigs plunge through meters (sometimes even hundreds of meters!) of soil, silt, rock, and more. Once the drill finds water, we build a well platform and attach a hand pump. If all goes as planned, the community is left with a safe, closed water source providing around five gallons of water per minute! Learn more here!


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