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The students of Bishop Sulumeti Girls Secondary School near Kakamega, Kenya need a new well.  The shallow, hand dug well they use currently is simply not sufficient to meet the needs of the school.  Our partner reports that it runs dry after only 30 minutes of hand pumped use.  That is not enough water.  So, the students currently trek up to 3km away to the local river which is not safe to drink from.

The school serves over 500 students and this new well will benefit the entire community as well.

This well project will be managed by the school administration.  The students are taught proper hygiene and sanitation by the head mistress at the school.

We look forward to seeing a new well serve these girls so that they can reach their full potential at this successful school.

Handing Over Report (filed by implementing partner, unedited):

The Bishop Sulumeti himself came to the commissioning of the water source as a result of the water he also commented the construction of a storey Dormitory for the school. He personally thanked Bridge Water project for giving the school clean water and encouraged the girls to work even harder in order to pass the exams. He emphasized that life begins with WATER.

The schools Chairman on behalf of the committee, parents thanked Bridge water for having provided clean water for the school and urged Bridge to continue providing for other schools too.

The principal on behalf of the entire school really appreciated she said it was difficult for the girls since they used wake up very early to look for water and did not concentrate in class and so she feels by having clean water they will no longer worry for water and so they will concentrate well in books . The Sanitation and  Hygiene of the school and the girls will also be good, the girls sung with joy we have found water, water for LIFE.

Latest Update:

7/28/2010 – The project has been handed over to the school.  Pictures and report added.
7/19/2010 – Pump installed, pictures added

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Recent Project Updates

02/27/2018: New Intervention at Bishop Sulumeti Girls' Secondary School

The initial project at this school (seen in the reporting found on this page) is a display of our shared commitment to helping this school with first time water access. Equally as important to this school and The Water Project is providing ongoing support to make sure that water is reliable, day after day, year after year. This is why we monitor all our projects. Over time we’ve found that the water table has dropped in this area, limiting the intended benefit of this well. Though not common, this does happen from time to time.

Because of our commitment to this school (and the lasting impact that our supporters want to make), we’ve decided to construct a rainwater catchment tank that will store 50,000 liters of rainwater that’s chlorinated throughout the year. This is a proven solution within this specific region. To see that work, click here.

The Water Project : 16-kenya4664-clean-water

Project Updates

Drilling complete at Bishop Sulumeti Girls School


The well has been drilled and capped at the Bishop Sulumeti Girls School near Kakamega, Kenya.  The concrete pad, which helps protect the well, can be seen here being formed.  The next step will be to install the pump.

Drilling underway at Bishop Sulumeti Girls School


Drilling has begun at Bishop Sulumeti Girls School.

WATSAN Training at Bishop Sulumeti Girls School


Our partner in the field filed this report about the WATSAN (Water and Sanitation) training held recently at the Bishop Sulumeti Girls School near Kakamega, Kenya.

Unedited report…

Community education has been done today 4TH MAY 2010, at Bishop sulumeti Girls high school. The school response was positive and encouraging.  The lessons were attended by the school principal, lab technician, boarding mistress, Director of studies and students.

During the lessons, the participants were able to discuss about :

  • The sanitation of their school environment.
  • Personal body hygiene.
  • Maintenance of the new water system.
  • The participants were able to realize some of the sanitation and hygienically practices failed to be done in their school like drainage of stagnant water and to do that immediately.
  • The students expressed their need to sensitize and educate their people back in their communities on hygiene and sanitation claiming that more has to be done to avoid issues of open defecation, poor disposal of litter, and lack of dish racks among other poor practices.

On acknowledgment

1.    PRINCIPAL:  She said that the provision of the water system will bring more          benefits to the school more so in the school performance.
2.    DIRECTOR OF STUDIES:  He expressed his joy by saying that students have been dosing /sleeping in class at 8 am in the morning due to searching for water until late nights. Now he was sure that would end as soon as the water system is ready.
3.    LAB TECHNICIAN:  He was happy and said that his students will enjoy science practical lessons unlike before when things were very hard due to lack of water.
4.    BOARDING MISTRESS:  She expressed her joy and said that it will now be easy for  her to provide clean food and on time.
5.    HEAD GIRL:  On behalf of other students, the head girl promised that come next year the school will come up with 7.8 points in k.c.s.e(Kenya certificate of secondary education).

Monitoring Data

Project Type:  Borehole Well and Hand Pump
Location:  Kakamega, Kenya
ProjectID: 429
Install Date:  07/07/2010

Monitoring Data
Water Point:
Last Visit: 02/26/2018
Well Depth:  45.00M

Visit History:
10/09/2012 — Functional
05/18/2015 — Needs Repair
02/26/2018 — Functional


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Country Details


Population: 39.8 Million
Lacking clean water: 43%
Below poverty line: 50%

Partner Profile

Bridge Water Project has been funded by The Water Project almost since they got their start in 2007.  This local Kenyan NGO works directly with the communities and neighbors they know well.  Building relationships with these villages and the local government helps ensure that the water projects we fund are sustainable in the long term.

BWP works to repair up to four wells for every new one they install.  In this area of Kenya, many old and broken down water points still exist.  We have found that restoring these water points and establishing new plans for maintenance and monitoring, is quite cost effective.

We work closely with partners like BWP to strengthen their teams, through professional development growing their impact and quality of work over time.  Your donations make it all possible.