Changamwe Men's Group Urban Flush Toilets, Showers and Water Kiosk

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Estimated Install Date:   (Explain This?)  03/31/2012
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Stories and Community Profile

The Water Project is currently working with a group of men in Changamwe, a slum settlement in the suburbs of Mombasa. These men have come together to try and escape from the poverty trap, whilst challenging the social stigmatisation that exists towards people living with HIV / Aids.

They are very closely associated with Port Reitz Hospital. In fact some of the group members work in the Comprehensive Care Clinic that deals with HIV / Aids patients there.

Over the past three months, The Water Project (through our WASH Program Director who is currently living in Mombasa) has worked with the group to come up with a design and specification for a sanitation block in Changamwe. It is to include 6 flush toilets (3 for men, 3 for women) and 2 shower rooms. It will also be a point of sale for water from the municipal pipe line.

This project will be a game changing moment for the people of this part of Mombasa. There are currently no public facilities for people here. For locals, truck drivers who spend the night by the side of the road, or those who work in the local all night cafes going to the toilet is a challenge. There is simply nowhere to go!

So there will be wide benefits for the local population in terms of personal hygiene and environmental sanitation. Mombasa Municipal Council recognise this too, and are also working hard to secure the land tenure required for us to go ahead. This project is a real collaboration, and we at TWP are proud to be involved. We recognise that in urban areas there is a massive need for improved water supplies and adequate sanitation. Hopefully this will be the first of many TWP funded urban WASH initiatives.

But in addition to the impact this project will have on the local community, it will also provide a means of income for the men’s support group. The income generated as people pay to use the facility will be used for a variety of activities, from enabling the group to continue their community outreach, to supporting those individuals in need of assistance as they struggle against HIV. The group will also save a large proportion of the income generated from the project, and hopes to build a second facility in the near future.


Project Data

Project Type:  Borehole Well and Hand Pump
Location:  Mombasa, Kenya
ProjectID: 4008

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Population: 39.8 Million
Lacking clean water: 43%
Below poverty line: 50%

Partner Profile

The Water Project, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization bringing relief to communities around the world who suffer needlessly from a lack of access to clean water and proper sanitation.