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The Water Project: Eshienga Primary School -
The Water Project: Eshienga Primary School -
The Water Project: Eshienga Primary School -
The Water Project: Eshienga Primary School -

Project Status

Project Type:  Borehole Well and Hand Pump

Program: Wells for Schools - Kenya

Impact: 500 Served

Project Phase:  Installed - May 2009

Functionality Status:  Functional

Last Checkup: 05/30/2019

Project Features

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Community Profile

There’s a new well at the Eshienga School in Western Kenya.

I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing better than seeing young
students tossing clean water around in celebration of new found freedom.

These students no longer have to walk miles for dirty water.
Instead, clean, safe drinking water is just steps away…thanks to
students and individuals just like themselves.  Thank you on behalf of
the Eshienga Primary School.

Project Updates

01/18/2011: Eshiyenga Community Education Revisted

As part of our commitment to ensure hygiene and sanitation practices are being taught well, we have had our team revisit a number of well sites completed last year.

As the implementing team learns more about WaSH, they can share this with the communities we remain committed to.

The Water Project : community-education-at-eshiyenga-primary The Water Project : eshiyenga-block The Water Project : eshiyenga-pupils-at-there-water-source

01/18/2011: Eshienga Well Repaired

The well at the Eshienga Primary School was recently repaired by our team.

Apparently, when the well was first installed the original team used inferior internal parts.  Where we had specified stainless steel rods to be used, a cheap knock off was used instead.  As a result, the rods rusted and the well began to produce brownish water. The workers who had installed those parts had been previously let go from our partners crew, suspected of this activity.  We initiated an investigation into every well they worked on to ensure the right, long lasting parts are installed.

The current team has replaced the internal mechanisms with the correct, high grade parts and the well is once again pumping clean water.

The Water Project : eshiyenga-primary-school-fixing-of-pvc-pipes The Water Project : eshiyenga-primary-school-replacement-of-rising-pipes-during-rehab The Water Project : eshiyenga-primary-school-well-chlorination The Water Project : eshiyenga-primary-schooo-well-hand-over-after-rehab

Project Photos

Project Type

Borehole and Hand Pump

Girls and women walk long distances for water when safe water is very often right under their feet! Underground rivers, called aquifers, often contain a constant supply of safe water – but you have to get to it. No matter what machine or piece of equipment is used, all drilling is aiming for a borehole that reaches into an aquifer. If the aquifer has water - and after the well is developed - we are able to pull water to the surface utilizing a hand-pump. If all goes as planned, the community is left with a safe, closed water source providing around 5 gallons of water a minute through a hand-pump.


Gift Date Between 02/11/2009 — 03/08/2009

Queensland Downs School - Calgary, Alberta
Delta Sigma Theta Soroity, Inc. - Cincinnati,  OH
Ms. Sheib Class, Park Springs Elementary - Coral Springs, FL

Bethel United Methodist Church
The University of Montana-Western