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Mnazi Mmoja is an informal settlement in Mombasa, located in the Kisauni Constituency. The area encompasses around 10 acres of land and has a population of around 4000. In such informal spaces the inhabitants struggle with many challenges. Access to adequate water is a primary concern. 

This project is the second of two that TWP is working on with our partner in the field. We have been involved in the design process, and are hopeful that the model of community run water kiosks in urban environments is one that we can develop further in the coming months. 

The projects are collaborative, and include the municipal water utilities, local community based organisations and community members in all project planning and delivery. The key aim of this program is to facilitate the installation of community managed water kiosks, providing both clean affordable water to people living in informal settlements as well as a source of income within the community.   

These kiosk projects utilise the municipal water supply. The water is carried from the main line and stored in a tank above the kiosk, and feeds two taps at ground level. The Water User Committee (WUC) will manage the facility, serving the community and charging an affordable rate per jerry can. The committee will manage the funds – with support from Pamoja Trust – and pay monthly water bills at commercial rates. 

As well as the kiosk and corresponding community management structure, Pamoja Trust, in conjunction with the Ministry of Health are also running hygiene and sanitation promotion workshops, and engaging the community in discussions around public health, hygiene and sanitation. 

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10/02/2012: Water kiosk complete and in use in Mombasa

Pamoja Trust are delighted to be able to send through confirmation that the second kiosk in this programme is now functioning and in use. This project has been an excellent example of how to gain consensus between multiple stakeholders, and achieve access to water for those living in urban informal settlements. 

This project was part of a two kiosk pilot programme with Pamoja Trust, and is the first time TWP has been involved in tackling the growing urban water and sanitation crisis. 

Great news coming from Kenya!  

The Water Project : dsc04658-2 The Water Project : dsc04659-2

05/18/2012: Kiosk Two construction complete!

Pamoja Trust have sent through the following report, detailing progress on site: 

Construction Work

  • The structural work  is completed and approved. The painting is being done this week. . 
  • The tank has been installed. The tanks capacity is 5,000 litres; the earlier proposed capacity of 10,000 litres was found to be too heavy for the Kiosk’s structure to sustain.  
  • Soak pits that were not in the original design have been added in order to take care of waste water. Money saved from the purchase of tanks was used for putting  up the soak pits.  
  • Reticulation from the main line has been completed. A ‘T’ joint that is to be placed by Mombasa Water and Sewerage Company (MOWASCO) from its main line to the smaller lines going to the kiosks is pending. The connection lines measure 38mm diametre and about 270 metres long.
  • Application for connection and metering for the two kiosks is underway. Forms were collected and duly filled.  A management contract between the 2 groups and MOWASCO are not in place but are being followed currently. The contract will facilitate connection of the kiosks.

Capacity Building of the Group to manage the Project

  • 1st level of training in management of the kiosk was done in partnership with MOWASCO.
  • Practical training of the operators and training Management of the facilities is planned for this week.
  • Second training with the Ministry of Public Health on sanitation issues is still and water quality monitoring. 

The commissioning of the kiosk is expected to happen by end of the month after the kiosks have been connected to water and the operators trained.

NB: We will update this page with new images as soon as Pamoja Trust send them through. 

02/08/2012: Community work underway and construction to start

Pamoja Trust have begun the process of building consensus with the community about the location of the kiosks, and the on going management post implementation. Local government officials are on board, as is the area chief.  This is crucial if these projects are to enjoy long term support! 

A contractor for the building works has been identified following a complicated tendering process. It has also been agreed that any non skilled labour on site will be undertaken by community members themselves. 

Pamoja Trust has also developed an understanding with the Ministry of Public Health, and they have committed to undertaking a hygiene and hand washing campaign in the local area. 

We expect the kiosk building works to be completed by the end of February, which is great news! And of course, once spades are in the ground we’ll post updates as soon as we have them. 

The Water Project : dsc075371-4 The Water Project : dsc075411-4 The Water Project : dsc075431-4

Project Data

Project Type:  Urban Water Kiosk
Location:  Mombasa, Kenya
ProjectID: 4101
Install Date:  10/02/2012


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Country Details


Population: 39.8 Million
Lacking clean water: 43%
Below poverty line: 50%

Partner Profile

Pamoja Trust is a Kenyan non-profit organization that seeks to work with the urban poor in informal settelments, by engaging communities to be actively involved in promoting and enhancing livelihoods through access to basic services such as safe and affordable water supply and sanitation and land rights.