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Wells for Schools - Kenya

Latitude 0.30
Longitude 34.62

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Stories and Community Profile

For this project our crew was sent in to replace a well that had not
been drilled properly by another driller.  The old well had collapsed
internally.  The school and local community were in desperate need of a
clean, safe and reliable water source.

The good news on this project is that the well pump from the faulty
borehole could be salvaged and is in good working order.  The last step
before this project will be complete is moving that pump onto the new
borehole casing seen in the pictures below.

We’re awaiting a full report including more photos, GPS coordinates
and the total number of people it will benefit.  We hope to update this
post soon with that new information.

We’re glad to be able to restore this vital source of clean water for the community.

A new water committee of 3 men and 5 women will help oversee this project going forward.

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Recent Project Updates

04/04/2011: Precious Academy Re-Visited and Repaired

Our local implementer recently visited the Precious Academy to re-train the students and to complete some needed repairs to their well.   The reported… (unedited)

“The pupils of precious academy and there teachers were present during the program. The pupils and there teachers were able to discuss the following sanitation issues at large; disease transmission routes, hand washing, food storage and handling, personal hygiene, environmental sanitation, open defecation and latrines and water in their school. During the discussion, the pupils concluded that poor hygiene and sanitation is as a result of ignorance and lack of knowledge. 

At the time of our visit, we found out that no hand washing practice was done; no dumping site for litter, the pupil’s hygiene was very good. We encouraged the teachers to have a program in the school for checking every pupil’s hygiene on daily basis. We also encouraged the pupils to sensitize their parents back at home on hygiene and sanitation issues.

To restore back the well project, community education was done to the beneficiaries, teachers and pupils in school. The rusted rods were replaced with the new stainless steel rods. The well was chlorinated and water sample taken to government laboratory for bacteriology and physio-chemical test.”

The Water Project : 5575983553_l The Water Project : connection-of-the-new-stainless-rods The Water Project : 5575988151_l The Water Project : community-education-on-progress The Water Project : 5576567044_l The Water Project : 5576576472_l The Water Project : enjoying-after-rehabilitation The Water Project : happy-after-rehabilitation The Water Project : precious-academy-pupils-in-a-sanitation-and-hygiene-class The Water Project : community-education-on-progress-2

Monitoring Data

Project Type:  Borehole Well and Hand Pump
Location:  Kakamega, Kenya
ProjectID: 44
Install Date:  01/01/2010

Monitoring Data
Water Point:
Last Visit: 08/01/2017
Well Depth:  32.00M

Visit History:
10/04/2012 — Functional
05/14/2015 — Functional
10/30/2015 — Needs Attention
02/25/2016 — Functional
07/25/2016 — Functional
09/28/2016 — Functional
12/08/2016 — Functional
03/21/2017 — Functional
06/12/2017 — Needs Attention
08/01/2017 — Functional


Gift Date Between 03/11/2009 — 04/03/2009

Pierce Middle School - Milton, MA
Waunakee Community School District - Waunakee, WI
La Follette High School - Madison, WI
Agawam High School - Agawam, MA
Mt. Olive Baptist Church - Royse City, TX
Osseo-Fairchild Schools - Osseo, WI

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Country Details


Population: 39.8 Million
Lacking clean water: 43%
Below poverty line: 50%

Partner Profile

Bridge Water Project has been funded by The Water Project almost since they got their start in 2007.  This local Kenyan NGO works directly with the communities and neighbors they know well.  Building relationships with these villages and the local government helps ensure that the water projects we fund are sustainable in the long term.

BWP works to repair up to four wells for every new one they install.  In this area of Kenya, many old and broken down water points still exist.  We have found that restoring these water points and establishing new plans for maintenance and monitoring, is quite cost effective.

We work closely with partners like BWP to strengthen their teams, through professional development growing their impact and quality of work over time.  Your donations make it all possible.