Project Status

Project Type:  Rainwater Catchment

Program: Kenyan Spring Protection

Impact: 200 Served

Project Phase:  In Service - Nov 2014

Functionality Status:  Functional

Last Checkup: 07/09/2024

Project Features

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Community Profile

This project is being implemented by our partner Western Water And Sanitation Forum, and includes the construction of a rainwater harvesting system and sanitation platforms.

Hondolo primary school is located in Ihondolo village, Kakamega County.

The PRA process

After carrying out a baseline of Hondolo Primary school, WEWASAFO engaged in Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) with an intention of mapping what resources the community already has that could potentially support the project. A PRA is also a postive exercise to conduct with the community as it focuses on what the community has to offer as opposed to focusing on only what it needs. This exercise is empowering and allows community members to feel realize that they also play a part in their development and have control over doing so, once they identify what they can contribute to the project. This allows the school and community  to take part and own the project by contributing locally available materials.  

 The PRA process was conducted with representation of WASH staff, Ward representative, local adminstration, parents, school board of management and school administration.

Materials mobilization process

The community and the school management committee strugPSgled to mobilize the materials such as hard core, ballast, sand, gunny bags, poles and unskilled labour. WEWASAFO on the other hand through the support of TWP provid all the hardware materials as required by the project. The skilled artisan from WEWASAFO together with the WASH team accompanied the track carrying the materials to Hondolo Primary School.

Due to poor terrain and very bad state of the road to Hondolo Primary school, WEWASAFO  had to use more than one means of transport. This involved using a lorry from Kakamega up to the road in Murhanda then they off loaded it to a tractor which could now manouver in the mud to school. Even still with the heavy rains the tractor got stuck several times in the mud causing work to be delayed.

Construction process begun after eventual success of delivery of all materials at Hondolo Primary School.

The implementation of the WASH trainings 

The school health and hygiene training was conducted using the Children Hygiene and Saniation training (CHAST) methodologies. This methodology targets training using life skills on behavioural change to children direcly. The children due to their age of 5 -10 years could not grasp the CTC methodology that is a bit complex. We therefor adapted the CTC method to be appropriate for the age group.

The main objective of the school health trainings was to equip the participants with relevant skills on establishment of Child to Child health and hygiene clubs in schools. These clubs were charged with the responsibility of promoting good health and hygiene practices in the school and reaching out to the entire community.

The construction of the tank and VIP latrines

The tank construction is on course and at the moment, the artisans have already done the BRC mounting and plastering will be done within the next fourteen days allowing the process of setting and curring to take place.

2 double door VIP latrines area also under construction at the school. The community is fully surportive. When they are complete, these toilets will a serve a total number of 194 pupils of which 56 are boys, 80 are girls in upper primary with 28 boys and 30 are girls from E.C.D (Early Childhood Development) section.

The two hand washing facilities one for the boys and one for the girls have been installed in the school. These will ensure that good hygiene practices like hand washing with soap thus preventing the water borne diseases.


WEWASAFO completed this project at Hondolo Primary School in end of October 2014. We will continue monitoring the use of the latrines and water tanks and return for a refresher training at the end of the next 3 months. 

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Project Type

For a rainwater collection system, we build gutters around a building with good, clean roofing to channel rain where we want it. From there, the water falls through a filtered inlet pipe into a high-capacity storage tank, the size of which is based on population and average rainfall patterns. In the tank, water can be stored for months, where it is easily treated and accessed. Learn more here!

Jigger Infestation: A case study of Mary and Mesharck from Hondolo

November, 2014

“I remember one day when Mary fainted. We immediately administered first aid and when the parent was called she admitted that they never had supper the previous night and also breakfast that day. It was so sad.”

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15th October 2014

Mary Muhongo and Meshack are pupils at Hondolo primary school, Shinyalu constituency where WEWASAFO is constructing Rain water harvesting tank and VIP latrines. The school was prioritized as a needy school in terms of water and sanitation after WEWASAFO wash team conducted a baseline survey. The two pupils come from a family of twelve children and almost all of them have been infested by jiggers. Mary is the ninth born in the family. She is fourteen years old and in class two. Mary has a mental problem that is why at her age, she is still in class two when she is supposed to be in class eight under normal circumstances.

The teachers in Hondolo Primary School said that after teaching they need some time with her to make her understand better what others have learned. She is the daughter of Paul Lumwanji and Selina Spoon. Mary has been at Mukulusu Special School for children with special needs. She had to drop out of school due to lack of school fees. Due to poverty, her parents were not in position to raise the required amount of fees and other special tools needed to support the young girl.

Meshack Ambani (in the picture above), Mary’s brother said their mother has been sick for the last three years, so they are forced to do domestic chores after school. That contributes to their poor performance in school. 

Their parents are all jobless and that makes life harder for them. The Deputy Head teacher of the school admitted that life has never been that easy for the family. They used to live in a grass thatched house which leaks terribly during rainy season. Because of this, community members were forced to contribute to build a roof over their heads. He further stated that their parents are not able to pay five hundred shillings (roughly $5.50 USD) for their three children Mary, Meshack and Eddah who are at Hondolo primary. “I remember one day when Mary fainted. We immediately administered first aid and when the parent was called she admitted that they never had supper the previous night and also breakfast that day. It was so sad.” the deputy head teacher said. He also admitted that the cases of jigger infestation in the school are on the rise and he is appealing for help because the school is still young and the parents around the school are poor. “Water will soon be available in the school and I hope this will improve the sanitation in the school and the surrounding community”. The deputy Head Master added.

The project is funded by THE WATER PROJECT – USA and implemented by WEWASAFO

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