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Kenyan Spring Protection

Latitude 0.15
Longitude 34.81

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This project is being implemented by our partner Western Water And Sanitation Forum, and includes the construction of a spring protection system and sanitation platforms.

This spring is located in Bugondi/Lwenya village, Shibeye sub location, Iguhu location, Ikolomani division, Idakho East Ward, Kakamega East of Kakamega County.

The mobilization of materials for construction works

The community was able to mobilize all the materials that were expected of them for construction of the sanplats and protection of the spring. WEWASAFO started working on the site with great support from the community and the Member of County Assembly. 

Mapping of the community resources was done to assist the community members to identify the locally available resources within their community and contribute the same towards the project. This helps to ensure ownership of the project. This is being done by the youth and elders in the community. They are harvesting sand from the river and some are crushing ballast from hard core for protection of the spring.

WASH trainings 

The Water and Sanitation management committee training is ongoing for the committee members for spring. They are being equipped with relevant skills on management and maintenance of their water spring, good governance, funds collection and record keeping.

A total number of 20 people are being trained out of which 10 were males and 10 were females. The participants are encouraged to establish structures of management and maintenance of the water points by fencing the water points, making cut off drainages and planting indigenous trees to conserve the water.

WSMC members after training will be expected to register with the Ministry of Social services so they can access devolved funds which will enable them to engage in income generating activities and improve their livelihoods and reduce the poverty level in the area.

The Community Health workers – CHWs traing is also on going. The members are being equipped with skills on health and hygiene promotion in villages in order to reduce incidences of water borne diseases. A total number of 15 people are taking part in the training of which 8 were males and 7 were females. The Member of County Assembly – Idakho East Madam Isabella participated in the training and was the one who issued the Certificates to CHW Training Graduants. The occasion was colorful.

After trainings the CHWs will be charged with responsibility of making home visits and attend to public meeting and educate the community on good hygiene practices, family planning and safe water handling in order to prevent water borne diseases.

Spring protection and Sanplat Construction

The spring is under protection by WEWASAFO. The community is fully supporting the works and when complete,  it will serve a total number of 480 people from 60 households.

In order to prevent contamination of the water sources by faeces resulting from open defecation, five vulnerable members of the community that lack toilets have been identifird and will receive sanitation platforms.

 The following five members of the community will receive sanitation platforms:-

  • Henry Yumatsi serving total number of 9 people of which 4 are males and 5 are females
  • Joyce Mmbone serving total number of 8 people of which 4 are males and 4 are females
  • Musa Shatsia serving total number of  7 people of which 3 are males and 4 are females
  • Erica Lusumba serving total number of  12 people of which 7 are males and 5 are females
  • Ayub Yumatsi serving total number of 15 people of which 2 are males and 13 are female

Networking and Collaboration

During theprotection of the Bugondi spring, students from St. Jerome Savane youth polytechnic participated in the training during construction works of the spring, tank and VIPs. They aquired technical skills of the construction of the spring and VIPs.

A total number of 8 students participated in this process.


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Recent Project Updates

11/17/2014: Bugondi Spring Project Complete

We are excited to report that, thanks to your willingness to help, Bugondi Village in Kenya has a new source of safe, clean water.  A spring protection system was completed in early October, and the people of the village are already enjoying and benefiting from this new resource.  This spring protection system, together with training in sanitation and hygiene, will go a long way toward stopping the spread of disease in the area.  We just posted a report from our partner in the field including information about the community, GPS coordinates, and pictures.

Take a look, and Thank You for your help!

The Water Project : kenya4293-16

Monitoring Data

Project Type:  Protected Spring
Location:  Bugondi village, Shibeye sub location, Iguhu location, Ikolomani division, Idakho East Ward, Kakamega, Kenya
ProjectID: 4293
Install Date:  11/17/2014

Monitoring Data
Water Point:
Last Visit: 01/11/2018

Visit History:
07/22/2015 — Functional
11/20/2015 — Functional
02/09/2016 — Functional
03/29/2016 — Functional
08/31/2016 — Functional
10/30/2016 — Functional
04/04/2017 — Functional
06/20/2017 — Functional
01/11/2018 — Functional


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Country Details


Population: 39.8 Million
Lacking clean water: 43%
Below poverty line: 50%

Partner Profile

Western Water and Sanitation Forum (WEWASAFO) works together with less privileged and marginalized members of communities in Western Kenya to reduce poverty through harnessing and utilization of local resources for sustainable development.