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Latitude 0.50
Longitude 34.75

500 Served

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The well project at Vashele Primary School is now complete.  It is located in Western Kenya, near Kakamega.

The school is home to 632 students and the well will serve them and the surrounding community.  A local water committee of 6 men and 3 women is in place to manage the project long-term.

The well was funded by an anonymous donor to our “Change Christmas 2008” Campaign.   After a long delay, we’re happy to finally show the results of their generosity.

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Recent Project Updates

01/31/2017: Water Still Flows for Hundreds Here!

We are encouraged by our monitoring and reengagement programs that prove water still flows in Kenya. Vashele Primary School is one of the many locations with a functioning well years after its installation! Our partner just conducted a review training with students and staff to encourage them to continue practicing good hygiene and sanitation at their school and at home, too. Check out the new videos we uploaded to the “See Photos & Video” tab.

Thank You for your generosity that is still changing lives!


The Water Project : vashele-primary-school-hand-over-ceremony-after-well-rehab

01/18/2011: Vashele School Revisted

Our team recently conducted an updated hygiene and sanitation training
session at the Vashele School.  They inspected the well, which was in
generally good condition, but they still determined the rods should be
upgraded to ensure they last as long as possible.  Well repairs began during the visit.

The Water Project : vashele-school-gate The Water Project : community-education-at-vashele-pri-school The Water Project : vashele-primary-school-connecting-of-pump-rods-during-well-rehab The Water Project : vashele-primary-school-dis-connection-of-gi-pipes-during-well-rehab The Water Project : vashele-primary-school-fixing-of-rising-pipes-during-well-rehab The Water Project : vashele-primary-school-hand-over-ceremony-after-well-rehab The Water Project : vashele-primary-school-well-chlorination-after-rehab

Monitoring Data

Project Type:  Borehole Well and Hand Pump
Location:  Near Kakamega, Kenya
ProjectID: 28
Install Date:  11/03/2009

Monitoring Data
Water Point:
Last Visit: 02/20/2018
Well Depth:  35.00M

Visit History:
10/02/2012 — Functional
05/19/2015 — Functional
11/19/2015 — Needs Attention
04/27/2016 — Needs Attention
08/19/2016 — Functional
12/08/2016 — Functional
01/30/2017 — Functional
06/22/2017 — Functional
09/27/2017 — Functional
02/20/2018 — Functional


Woodruff Road Christian Church

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Country Details


Population: 39.8 Million
Lacking clean water: 43%
Below poverty line: 50%

Partner Profile

Bridge Water Project has been funded by The Water Project almost since they got their start in 2007.  This local Kenyan NGO works directly with the communities and neighbors they know well.  Building relationships with these villages and the local government helps ensure that the water projects we fund are sustainable in the long term.

BWP works to repair up to four wells for every new one they install.  In this area of Kenya, many old and broken down water points still exist.  We have found that restoring these water points and establishing new plans for maintenance and monitoring, is quite cost effective.

We work closely with partners like BWP to strengthen their teams, through professional development growing their impact and quality of work over time.  Your donations make it all possible.