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We would have to go down to the stream to get water and it was visibly unclean. There were many activities happening upstream and we were downstream fetching the same water. It will be so different with this new well.

Emmanuel - Farmer

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Upon completion of the project, our partner in the field reports…

Community Details

Without access to safe water, the 189-family community of Biraro in southern Ruhango, Rwanda was forced to utilized water from a stream to support all of their water needs. Limited to choose between dehydration and disease, life with unsafe water persisted and perpetuated a seemingly endless cycle of poverty, malnourishment and crippled development. Ready to end their suffering with a sustainable, improved water solution, community leaders sought help from Living Water, while the team was working in a neighboring community. Living Water responded.

Unsafe water was not the only challenge present for families living in Biraro. The community equally suffered from their lack of basic hygiene and sanitation principles. Poor hygiene behaviors were observed by the Living Water team, and during the week, the hygiene and sanitation team shared multiple life-saving lessons on good hygiene and sanitation choices, emphasizing the value of hand washing and the sole use of waste in latrine facilities. A five-person Water Committee was also established and trained to maintain the well and manage its water resources. The Living Water Rwanda team also fully explained the value of well maintenance and water management to not only the Water Committee, but also to the entire community to ensure safe water will be available for many years to come!

Although securing safe water and establishing foundational hygiene and sanitation principles is paramount to poverty alleviation, good health and community development, it alone is not sufficient to satisfy the deepest thirst. The gospel of Jesus Christ was shared, with support from three local churches and the Living Water Rwanda team. Together, these witnesses for Christ shared Scripture, oral Bible stories and love through good works with 140 people (35 men, 45 women and 60 children) that now have an opportunity to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

Hygiene Promotion

Health and sanitation training was conducted by a group of five Ruhango District Health Officials and partners who were undergoing a Community Health Club (CHC) training of trainers course with Living Water Rwanda. Overall, there were 48 people who attended and benefited from the following lessons: disease transmission, germs, healthy and unhealthy communities, hand washing-proper techniques and water saving methods, latrine perception, diarrhea doll-causes of diarrhea, good-bad hygiene behaviors, disease transmission stories, proper care of the pump and keeping the water clean. All of the lessons were taught in a participatory method and using the LWI Traditional Method to help community members discover ways to improve their hygiene and sanitation choices, and implement community-driven solutions. After concluding the hygiene promotion, the community constructed household tippy taps and a pit latrine with a slab to initiate behavior change.

Community Member Interview

“We would have to go down to the stream to get water and it was visibly unclean. There were many activities happening upstream and we were downstream fetching the same water,” shared 37-year-old community member and farmer, Emmanuel. “It will be so different with this new well.”

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Recent Project Updates

11/13/2014: Biraro Community Project Complete

We are excited to report that, thanks to your willingness to help, the community of Biraro in Rwanda has a new source of safe, clean water.  A new well has been constructed and the community has received training in sanitation and hygiene.  Together these resources will go a long way toward stopping the spread of disease in the area.  We just posted a report from our partner in the field including information about the community, GPS coordinates, and pictures.

Take a look, and Thank You for your help!

The Water Project : rwanda3082-09-someone-with-clean-water

Monitoring Data

Project Type:  Borehole Well and Hand Pump
Location:  Biraro, South Ruhango, Rwanda
ProjectID: 3082
Install Date:  11/13/2014

Monitoring Data
Water Point:
Last Visit: 10/11/2016
Well Depth:  82.00M

Visit History:
01/29/2015 — Functional
01/29/2015 — Functional
04/24/2015 — Functional
09/02/2015 — Functional
10/11/2016 — Functional


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Country Details


Population: 10.2 million
Lacking clean water: 35%
Below poverty line: 60%

While 35 percent of Rwanda's population lacks access to an improved
water source, the country has numerous rivers and streams as well as
tremendous potential for developing groundwater resources. Villagers in
many areas are forced to walk several miles to the nearest source of
water—contaminated water from a swamp, stream, or open well. For these
desperate communities, Living Water International offers hope. Since
beginning operations in Rwanda in 2007, Living Water has completed more
than 195 water projects there.

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Partner Profile

Nearly 20 years ago, LWI set out to help the church in North America be the hands and feet of Jesus by serving the poorest of the poor. 600 million people in the world live on less than $2 a day. 884 million people lack access to safe drinking water.

In response to this need, LWI implements participatory, community-based water solutions in developing countries.

LWI is a former partner of The Water Project.