Huntingdon Primary School Well Rehabilitation Project

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Sierra Leone

Well Rehab - Sierra Leone

Latitude 8.37
Longitude -12.96

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Stories and Community Profile

Our implementing partner reports

The well rehab was at the REC Huntingdon primary school located in the Koya Rural district of Sierra Leone. The hand pump was stolen from this well five years ago, leaving the school to fetch water from a hand pump in a village a half mile away. A new afridev hand pump was placed in this well. When the team showed up at the school everyone was so excited to see them pull in. there was cheering and clapping! Most people in the community earn a living through teaching and farming. When the project was complete, the community established a water committee and a point person to be the caretaker of the well.

Testimonies from a community member

Musa Kanu, 42 head teacher spoke with the team about the water needs for her community. “The children have been going back to the village for water and often don’t return back to school. Many times they’re late for school which interferes with their education. The new hand pump will be very easy to control the going in and out of students. I’m very happy about this. We have been praying for a new pump. The community pump closes at 10 a.m. The children will now have all the water they want from this well. We are very grateful! Thank you!!”

The school students gathered with the team around the well to pray before beginning the work. When the team arrived the head teacher was going over the story of Joseph and Potifer. It was wonderful to hear him Bible storying with the children and paralleling behaviors with their lives. Upon completion of the project, the children gathered back around the well for the dedication. There were songs of praise and thanksgiving. The Gospel was presented. There is a “church” that meets at the school on Sundays. The team is willing to come to this school to do a showing of the Jesus video some evening. The head teacher mentioned that they had been praying for assistance for years and were really losing hope. Jesus is the restorer of HOPE!

Hygiene Training

This was the first day back to school after the Easter holiday break. In this country, both teachers and students really don’t take their education time seriously. Unfortunately, the day the team visited this school, only one of the six teachers were present and 82 of the 196 students were present. The team taught the hygiene lessons to those who were present and will revisit this school in the near future when the team rehabilitates a well in the village. They plan to have a separate time to speak with the teachers about their responsibility of setting a good example for the students and how it doesn’t look good for visitors to come to a school and find only one out of six teachers present and see children sitting in a classroom with no teacher.

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Monitoring Data

Project Type:  Well Rehab
Location:  Brama town Huntingdon Primary School
ProjectID: 502
Install Date:  05/06/2010

Monitoring Data
Water Point:
Last Visit: 12/08/2016
Well Depth:  40.00M

Visit History:
02/15/2015 — Functional
06/15/2015 — Functional
09/22/2015 — Functional
12/08/2016 — Functional

Country Details

Sierra Leone

Population: 9.7 Million
Lacking clean water: 47%
Below poverty line: 70%

Partner Profile

Nearly 20 years ago, LWI set out to help the church in North America be the hands and feet of Jesus by serving the poorest of the poor. 600 million people in the world live on less than $2 a day. 884 million people lack access to safe drinking water.

In response to this need, LWI implements participatory, community-based water solutions in developing countries.

LWI is a former partner of The Water Project.