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Project Type:  Well Rehab

Program: Well Rehab - Sierra Leone

Impact: 0 Served

Project Phase: 
Community Managed
Implementing Partner Monitoring Data Unavailable
Initial Installation: May 2010

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Our implementing partner reports:

The well rehab was at Newton, Catholic farm located in the Koya Rural District. This hand pump was stolen in February 2010. The community had really been struggling with drinking from the dirty swamp. The water was milky white in color. A new Afridev pump was installed much to the delight of the community! Most of the people in the community earn a living through farming and petty trading. The community helped the team with the rehab project by providing labor. When the project was complete, the community established a water committee and a point person to be the caretaker of the well.

Testimony from a community member

Fatmata Turray, 35 year old who sells plassas (greens) in town spoke with the team about the water needs for the school and community. "The well is fine. I don’t feel fine when I drink from the swamp. I get no choice, but now I do get a choice. Tenke, tenke."

The community prayed with the team prior to the work beginning. They worked alongside the pump repair team. The hygiene was amazing. Such vulnerability, humbleness. We’re so thankful to God that He made it possible for this community to receive a cup of water in Jesus’ name.

Hygiene Training

This is an amputee community. Most of the amputees were off in Freetown begging for money for food to sustain themselves and their family. There were 15 adults and 6 children who attended the training. Fifteen ORS spoons were distributed. During the training, the caretaker of the well was really struggling with runny belly and just not feeling well. At the close of the training, she said, "I confess I am guilty of so many of these hygiene things. I am going to start today to make some changes in my life. We tell God tenke for that!!" Each house has a latrine that was built with the house as part of this housing project.

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Well rehabilitation is one of the most cost effective ways to bring clean, safe water to a community.  Sometimes it involves fixing a broken hand pump, other times it means sealing a hand dug well to prevent it from being contaminated.  These repairs, and often time total replacements, coupled with sanitation and hygiene training make a huge impact in communities.