7th Dat Adventist School #2 - Waterloo Catchment

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Sierra Leone

Well Rehab - Sierra Leone

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Stories and Community Profile

This well rehabilitation project is part of the Waterloo, Peninsula Jr. Secondary School Zone.

The team has visited the well site and determined that this project will require deepening before they can attach a new well pump.  The well is located at a school with a dry well.

Recent severe droughts in the area have caused most of the wells we are now encountering to require this deepening.  Without it, the wells are at risk of drying up later in the year.  This has caused very long delays in our program here, though we’re glad that progress is still being made.

The well project is in one of the communities surrounding the Waterloo, Penninsula Jr. Secondary School.  Students at this school live in the this community.  Once the well projects are completed, these students will have access to clean, safe water at their school and at home.  The students are also being trained how to teach their fellow community members about proper hygiene.

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Project Type:  Well Rehab
Location:  Waterloo, Sierra Leone
ProjectID: 558
Install Date:  10/31/2011

Country Details

Sierra Leone

Population: 9.7 Million
Lacking clean water: 47%
Below poverty line: 70%

Partner Profile

Nearly 20 years ago, LWI set out to help the church in North America be the hands and feet of Jesus by serving the poorest of the poor. 600 million people in the world live on less than $2 a day. 884 million people lack access to safe drinking water.

In response to this need, LWI implements participatory, community-based water solutions in developing countries.

LWI is a former partner of The Water Project.