Petifu Junction Well Rehabilitation

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Sierra Leone

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Latitude 8.70
Longitude -13.11

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“The new well is a blessing that we have been praying for. The running stream causes so many illnesses.”

Isata B. - Local Trader

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Stories and Community Profile

This project was implemented by another partner, but is now monitored and maintained by The Water Project together with Mariatu’s Hope.

A Sierra Leone team member commented, “We noticed that the well project catalyzed the unity of the community, because the well rehabilitation was something that everyone could benefit from, and everyone had a vested interest in. By the end of the project we experienced a high participation rate in the hygiene training. Each person felt a sense of personal ownership in the well.”

When the team arrived, community members were utilizing a river located one kilometer away from the community to meet all of their water needs. Because of this, families were suffering from cholera, dysentery, typhoid and malaria. The community also established a water committee who is responsible for collecting a monthly well maintenance fee of $0.012 USD per family. The Sierra Leone team was pleased to learn of the community’s use of a covered pit latrine as this will help prevent further spread of disease in the area. During the team’s stay, community members assisted the team with the water project whenever possible, guarded the team’s equipment and provided meals for the team. Most community members earn a living by farming or by teaching at the nearby school.

The Sierra Leone team had an opportunity to meet with forty-eight year old community member and petty trader, Isata Bangura, who stated, “The new well is a blessing that we have been praying for. The running stream causes so many illnesses.”

During the hygiene education, the Sierra Leone team addresses: Hand washing, how to properly transport and store water, disease transmission and prevention, how to maintain proper care of the pump, as well as signs and symptoms of dehydration and how to make Oral Rehydration Solution. All of these lessons are taught in a participatory method to help community members discover ways to improve their hygiene and sanitation choices, and implement community driven solutions.

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Recent Project Updates

03/17/2017: New Intervention Needed at Petifu Junction

This hand-dug well provided good water to the community for years, but we recently started seeing a change. Thanks to our monitoring program, we discovered that during the drier months, this well stopped serving the community. There just wasn’t enough water throughout the year.

Thus, we’ve sent a full work team to open up the well and hand-drill meters of borehole down to the next water table. This deepening will ensure that the pump consistently provides clean, adequate water to families living here. To see that project, click here.

The Water Project : 2-sierraleone5104-fetching-water

12/05/2012: Petifu Junction Water Project Complete!

We are excited to report that the well at Petifu Junction has been restored and is now a source of safe, clean water for the community.  We just posted a report from the field including GPS coordinates and pictures of the project.

The Water Project : sierraleone5026_page_4_image_0001-3

Project Data

Project Type:  Well Rehab
Location:  Petifu Jct., 2 Petifu Rd, Sesay Compound, Port Loko District, Lokomasa Chiefdom, Sierra Leone
ProjectID: 5026
Install Date:  12/04/2012


Country Details

Sierra Leone

Population: 9.7 Million
Lacking clean water: 47%
Below poverty line: 70%

Partner Profile

Mariatu’s Hope works with vulnerable communities and individuals to inspire hope through Maternal Care, Infant Nutrition, Safe Water Access, Proper Sanitation and Health and Hygiene promotion.