Project Status

Project Type:  Borehole Well and Hand Pump

Program: Wells for Sudan

Impact: 200 Served

Project Phase: 
Community Managed
Implementing Partner Monitoring Data Unavailable
Initial Installation: Aug 2010

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Community Profile

Susan was born in
Wede Village and got married to Stadled Budyung at the age of 15 when
she was still in primary three. She is now 30 years old and has five
children.  As a mother, Susan has to look for water for her family.  The
whole village of Martule has been getting water from an open well which
was dug by the community.  In her own words, Susan tells her story:

“The water from these wells
looks clean and clear during dry season, but during the rainy season,
running water deposits in all the foreign material making water to smell
very bad.

Water borne diseases like
stomachache, Typhoid and fungi are common in this village.  Boiling of
water is considered less important as many people return from their
garden very tired and cannot boil the water.  Today, I would like to
thank the people who have given to us this clean and abundant water,
which is a very big blessing to our community.

May God richly bless you.

I would like to
thank God for this great thing he has done in this community.  We have
been depending on hand dug wells which are located near streams. This
water has some living organisms, which are visible.  Leaves also
contaminate the water.

Many people in this village
don’t boil their drinking water, and as a result, they suffer from
water borne diseases such as stomachache, headache, and body rashes.
Typhoid is also common.

I would like to thank the
donor of this well.  As a church, this water has encouraged our
believers that our God is a loving God, and does not segregate among his
people.  Glory be to Him.

I would also like to thank
the WHI crew for the spirit of work that God has given to you.  You are
so special, loving, and hard working.   May God bless you.

-Abe Yoash (Pastor of Martule Baptist Church)

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Project Type

Borehole and Hand Pump

Girls and women walk long distances for water when safe water is very often right under their feet! Underground rivers, called aquifers, often contain a constant supply of safe water – but you have to get to it. No matter what machine or piece of equipment is used, all drilling is aiming for a borehole that reaches into an aquifer. If the aquifer has water - and after the well is developed - we are able to pull water to the surface utilizing a hand-pump. If all goes as planned, the community is left with a safe, closed water source providing around 5 gallons of water a minute through a hand-pump.


31 individual donors
Willow Way Public School