Project Status

Project Type:  Borehole Well and Hand Pump

Program: Wells for Sudan

Impact: 300 Served

Project Phase: 
Community Managed
Implementing Partner Monitoring Data Unavailable
Initial Installation: Oct 2011

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Community Profile

Our implementing partner recently completed the installation of a new well for the village of Lomura in South Sudan.  While developing the project they met with Celina and Duka who shared some of their story.

Celina Juru was born in 1982 in Lomura village. Like other people in the village, Celina has struggled for water in the community.  She narrated to us how she has managed to live in her village amidst water shortage.

In her words, Celina tells her story...

"Most of the people from this community gather and drink water from streams and hand dug wells. In the rainy season the water turns milky, and living organisms can be seen moving in the water. This situation has forced many people to move away from the village. In my family we have only survive by filtering the water using the sand bio filter."

"During the war our family stayed in Oligi Camp, Uganda. We stayed there for two months and moved on to Belameling until eventually we returned home." She said that life was not that easy while in exile and she always wished to come back home where she could have total peace in her home land.

The 29-year-old Juru extended her heart felt thanks to both the Donors and  WHI for the great gift they have given her. She prays for God’s blessings to befall all those who had a hand in the construction of the new well.

While in Lomura village, we met a number of people from the community. According to the Data collected, the well is expected to benefit an approximate population of 300 people.

One of the the beneficiaries was the Community Farm, which trains farmers on the modern ways of looking after animals (Cross breeding). Duku Suka is the person in charge of the farm, and he narrated to us the background of the Farm.

He had this to say...

"The Farm was established in 2004 to cater for the live stock and to act as a Demonstration Center for the people of Kajo-Keji. Right now the centre is used by different people to conduct work shops and training programs."

With the increasing number of animals and  workshops being conducted from the compound, the need for the new well was so desperate.” Duku expressed his gratitude to the Donors and Water Harvest staff for the efforts rendered towards the new well. His player is that God would continually bless those who struggle to provide clean water to the  under privileged.

We're just getting started, check back soon!

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Project Type

Abundant water is often right under our feet! Beneath the Earth’s surface, rivers called aquifers flow through layers of sediment and rock, providing a constant supply of safe water. For borehole wells, we drill deep into the earth, allowing us to access this water which is naturally filtered and protected from sources of contamination at the surface level. First, we decide where to drill by surveying the area and determining where aquifers are likely to sit. To reach the underground water, our drill rigs plunge through meters (sometimes even hundreds of meters!) of soil, silt, rock, and more. Once the drill finds water, we build a well platform and attach a hand pump. If all goes as planned, the community is left with a safe, closed water source providing around five gallons of water per minute! Learn more here!


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