Project Status

Project Type:  Borehole Well and Hand Pump

Program: Wells for Sudan

Impact: 250 Served

Project Phase:  Installed - Feb 2012

Functionality Status:  Partner Monitoring Unavailable

Last Checkup: 08/06/2015

Project Features

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Community Profile

After various delays on construction and reporting, our partner in the field reports that the water project in the community of Sera-Logo, in South Sudan, is complete.   The report below gives the story of two members of the community and shares how this new well will directly impact their lives:

Poni’s Story:

“I am called Poni  Alice Duku. We warmly welcome the people of  Water Harvest to our village. I was born in 1971 in Jalimo village and got married to my husband Duku John in 1994.

When I ran in exile in Lefori, Uganda during the war, we had two children and faced a very hard time. We came back to South Sudan in 1997 and from that time we have fetched water from streams and rivers, and some far distances.

However, we have common cases of Typhoid and Bilhazia. I thank the donors so much because since we got this new well, such cases have been reduced and we very much appreciate God for his provision and protection.”

Kenyi’s Story:

“My name is Kenyi Alex and I am very glad to have this opportunity of getting a borehole in our village. I was born in this village in 1974 and was married in 2000. God has blessed me with three children.

Before we were drinking water from the streams. Our mothers moved long distances to get water for drinking. Most of the streams were seasonal which made people always travel very far. Because of this, there were common cases of snake bites and Tsetse flies which cause sleeping sickness.

Lastly we are give thanks to our heavenly father God to bless the people of Water Harvest and the donors for drilling for us the bore hole. We can now have safe water. May the almighty God bless you all.”

Project Updates

10/22/2012: Sera-Logo Well Completed

We are excited to report that the water project in Sera-Logo, South Sudan, has been completed.  Though the well was actually finished in February, we have just recently received the final reports detailing the project.  We have just posted that report, including GPS coordinates, pictures, and the personal stories of two members of the community.  Check it out!

Project Type

Borehole and Hand Pump

Girls and women walk long distances for water when safe water is very often right under their feet! Underground rivers, called aquifers, often contain a constant supply of safe water – but you have to get to it. No matter what machine or piece of equipment is used, all drilling is aiming for a borehole that reaches into an aquifer. If the aquifer has water - and after the well is developed - we are able to pull water to the surface utilizing a hand-pump. If all goes as planned, the community is left with a safe, closed water source providing around 5 gallons of water a minute through a hand-pump.


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