Project Status

Project Type:  Borehole Well and Hand Pump

Program: Wells for Masindi / Jinga Uganda

Impact: 500 Served

Project Phase: 
Community Managed
Implementing Partner Monitoring Data Unavailable
Initial Installation: Apr 2012

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Community Profile

Our implementing partner reports from the field...

Kantenga is an isolated village standing on a solitary hill in Bukanga sub-county, Luuka District. It is surrounded by wide flat bottomed valleys made up of swamps, with fewer than average trees on the periphery of this village. This gives it a strangely bleak feeling when you consider you are almost on the equator. There are around 800 people living in the 92 households that make up Kantenga. There is no school in the village, but the community have begun a joint nursery system to cater for the many children that live in the area. It is a particularly poor village, over 80% of the houses seem to have thatch roofs, a clear sign of poverty. This is born out in testimonies from the community who say they are suffering from food shortages during the dry season. They say there maize is being plagued by witchweed, their banana has the dreaded wilting disease and rice is failing to thrive in the valleys, so their harvest is very small. This is dreadful for a community of subsistence farmers. There are cash crops such as coffee, but according to the community most people do not have coffee plantations as it is the older generation own that land, whilst the children remain with small plots.

The water situation in the village is also dire. The nearest safe water source 1 mile away and the round trip to the borehole is a minimum of 1hour, if it’s not busy, which it often is, in which case it can take 3 hours for water. Considering each household uses at least 5 jerrycans a day, water is a heavy burden for the community. The alternative is the muddy pools in the swamp that are shared with animals, and that is what many of the community are using to this day.

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Project Type

Borehole and Hand Pump

Girls and women walk long distances for water when safe water is very often right under their feet! Underground rivers, called aquifers, often contain a constant supply of safe water – but you have to get to it. No matter what machine or piece of equipment is used, all drilling is aiming for a borehole that reaches into an aquifer. If the aquifer has water - and after the well is developed - we are able to pull water to the surface utilizing a hand-pump. If all goes as planned, the community is left with a safe, closed water source providing around 5 gallons of water a minute through a hand-pump.