Project Status

Project Type:  Dug Well and Hand Pump

Program: Wells for Masindi / Jinga Uganda

Impact: 300 Served

Project Phase: 
Community Managed
Implementing Partner Monitoring Data Unavailable
Initial Installation: Dec 2012

Project Features

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Community Profile

Our partner in the field gives us the following description of the village and work in Bututi…

Bututi II village is located in Kikamulo sub county, Nakaseke District. The District is located in the central region of Uganda and is bordered by Luwero District in the south east and east Nakasongola District to the North east and  Masindi District to the North west, Kiboga District to the west and Mityana District to the south.

The district has a population of 184,000 (2011 survey) of which 92600 (51%) are males and 92,200 (49%) are females. The district is also part of the Luwero triangle where the guerrilla war that brought the current ruling government to power

The village lies 5km from the Kiwoko town council which is the nearest business town in the area. The population is fully involved in agriculture as their main source of income where emphasis is put on growing cassava, sweet potatoes and maize is their main cash crops. They also keep some birds and animals like pigs, chickens, goats and cows but on small scale. They are also involved in village saving and credit schemes where community members are encouraged to join so that they can access funds for household income projects and by so doing can raise funds for the children’s fees and other household basic requirements.

Bututi village has Two protected water sources, of which one (Bututi 1) was constructed by the Busoga Trust in 2006 but has a low yield and when it rains the colour of water changes to brown. The second well was constructed by the district but has water which is too hard for domestic use. The community described the water as not good because of the smell, the way it darkens food when used for cooking and does not lather with soap when washing clothes. At the district the village was considered to have enough water for use however the status of the sources indicated low coverage. It was on this basis that this community was considered for another well which we hope will have enough water for the community and quality will meet the required standards in the dry and wet season.

Project Updates

12/10/2012: Bututi II Project Complete!

We are excited to report that the water project in Bututi II, Uganda is complete and the community now has a source of safe, clean water.  Below are the latest updates from the field.  Also check out the new pictures and video.

The Water Project : uganda622

09/19/2012: Work Continues In Bututi

The following updates from our partner in Uganda fill us in on recent progress at the work site:

28/7/2012 – we visited the site with the Director of Busoga Trust Rev. Andrew Pearson, Chris Bodimeade, Joseph, Nicola and the staff of Busoga Trust. The visit was intended for the guests to see the progress made at the site and also hear from the community members about some of the challenges they face as work progresses. The community welcomed us with songs and dancing. We visited the site and found an on-going excavation at 60ft with a water column of 7ft. We gave our support and encouragement to the community to keep up the hard work and also ensure that safety is always practiced on-site. We then had speeches from the local leaders, Chairperson of the water user committee and the LC 3 chairperson. The LC 3 chairperson commended Busoga Trust for the support, we giving to his sub county and requested for more. He cautioned the community to always look after the sources well.

6/8/2012 – technical supervisor visited the site and found excavation in progress. The well was 62ft deep and the community was working hard, however they requested for more support with materials since their resources were almost exhausted due to the increasing depth of the well.

16/8/2012 – We visited the site with Sarah from the Water Trust office in Masindi and found work was in progress. The technician was brick-lining the well and had almost reached the surface. Enough materials were on site and the community participation was very good. The depth of the well was still 62ft with a night time water re-charge of 8ft.

23/8/2012 – We visited the site and found the well was at a depth of 65ft and had a night time water re-charge of 10ft. deepening of the well was still going on to ensure that adequate re-charge and storage was establised for the community.

The Water Project : 7982899727_fc20a8ae9f_b

07/30/2012: The Work Goes On In Bututi

A few recent updates on the work in the community of Bututi, Uganda…

11/7/2012 –  The technical supervisor, Lydia (CDO) and 3 interns visited the site and found excavation going on.  However few of the required materials had been collected and gathered on site. The well was in 56ft with a water collection of 6ft/ night. Follow-ups were also made in some households and it was observed that facilities had been improved and hand washing facilities set up. Being a rainy season most people were busy working in their gardens harvesting some of their crops like maize and a few had been left onsite to participate in the excavation.

18/7/2012 – We visited the site and found that excavation was going on. The depth of the well was 59ft with a night collection of 8ft of water. Participation was average with the women busy preparing food for the men that were digging the well.

The Water Project : 7556672340_e3c7222a53_b

07/17/2012: Construction Underway In Bututi

See the updates below for progress on the well in the village of Bututi in Uganda…

1/6/2012 – a first village meeting was held by Lydia (CDO) to try and inform the community members about the project. The meeting was also intended to develop a work-plan for the activities that were to be carried out to ensure that well is constructed. The meeting was attended by the Local leaders like the LC 1 chairperson and other committee members. The chairman LC 1 gave the status of the existing water sources as mentioned above and called upon all the community members to actively take part in the construction process so that a safe water source is obtained and a water user committee selected and a day set for training them

5/6/2012 – the technical supervisor Dan, Lydia (CDO) in the presence of the community members carried out a reconnaissance survey in the village in order to identify a suitable area for the well construction

6/6/2012 – the technical supervisor was called back to Bututi village and informed that the site that had been chosen was not favourable to all community members. A community meeting was organised and held with support of Lydia (a CDO) and they agreed to locate another place that would satisfy all members. Another site was identified and a technician introduced to them. Some materials were delivered including cement, iron bars, grease and some excavation equipment.

8/6/2012 – the water and sanitation committee was trained by Lydia with support from Ester (Trainee). The training involved equipping the committee members with the required skills and knowledge of mobilising and sensitising the community members. After training the committee a baseline was carried out with support of the village health team of the area.

12/6/2012 – the technical supervisor visited the site and found when excavation was going on. Community participation was very high and the well was at 16ft deep. The formation was fairly hard but the technician was managing to penetrate it.

21/6/2012 – Dan, Lydia and two students who are having internship (Ester and Aisha) visited the site. Excavation was at a depth of 30ft with full participation from the community. Water had not yet been struck and the soils were still firm and showing some signs of wetness an indication of nearing the water table. A baseline survey was carried out and completed with the help of local leaders.

28/6/2012 – Dan and Lydia visited the site and found when excavation had reached 47ft. the water table was hit at 46ft. however the soils were collapsing to allow any further excavation and the technician was advised to brick-line the collapsing part first before any further digging is made. Community participation was very good with men helping out with the excavation and the women busy preparing meals for them. After the site supervision Lydia made some household follow-ups to ensure the community puts in place the required sanitation facilities.

6/7/2012 – Dan and Lydia visited the site and excavation was at 53ft and making a night water column of 5ft. However materials like bricks were not onsite and the local leaders were told to gather all the required materials and deliver them on site so the work is not interrupted along the way. Follow-ups were also made on the households and more hand washing jerrycans distributed to ensure that all latrines had tippy taps for hand washing after visiting the latrine.

The Water Project : 7368699334_9ab39e7d54_b

Project Type

Dug Well and Hand Pump

Hand-dug wells are best suited for clay, sand, gravel and mixed soil ground formations. A large diameter well is dug by hand, and then lined with either bricks or concrete to prevent contamination and collapse of the well. Once a water table is hit, the well is capped and a hand-pump is installed – creating a complete and enclosed water system.