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The Water Project: Alimugonza Pabidi -
The Water Project: Alimugonza Pabidi -
The Water Project: Alimugonza Pabidi -
The Water Project: Alimugonza Pabidi -
The Water Project: Alimugonza Pabidi -
The Water Project: Alimugonza Pabidi -
The Water Project: Alimugonza Pabidi -
The Water Project: Alimugonza Pabidi -
The Water Project: Alimugonza Pabidi -
The Water Project: Alimugonza Pabidi -
The Water Project: Alimugonza Pabidi -
The Water Project: Alimugonza Pabidi -
The Water Project: Alimugonza Pabidi -
The Water Project: Alimugonza Pabidi -
The Water Project: Alimugonza Pabidi -
The Water Project: Alimugonza Pabidi -
The Water Project: Alimugonza Pabidi -

Project Status

Project Type:  Dug Well and Hand Pump

Program: Wells for Masindi / Jinga Uganda

Impact: 220 Served

Project Phase:  Decommissioned

Functionality Status:  Decommissioned

Project Features

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Community Profile

The report below from our partner in the field gives some great information on the construction of a new hand-dug well in the Alimugonza-Pabidi community in Uganda:


Alimugonza-Pabidi village is a big village in Pakanyi sub-county. The village is surrounded by fields. Most of the people live in grass thatched houses. A few families have a house build in bricks. The main income generating activity in the village is farming. Especially in this season almost everyone is working in their garden. Since 2 weeks the rains are back and people can start planting again.

The village has a big need for clean water. Currently they either have to walk far or fetch from a contaminated water source. “Fetching water is almost a day filling activity. We have to walk far to get clean water. Near my house there is an open water source, so sometimes we fetch there,” says a community member. The chairman of the village says: “we are looking forward to this water source, and therefore we will work hard together with the technician. We heard about The Water Trust through the radio. Due to the program we heard that The Water Trust constructs shallow wells together with the community. We were very enthusiastic about this and therefore I immediately applied.

In Alimugonza-Pabidi, we will have an intensive program to provide access to clean water and sanitation.  The community will participate in excavating and constructing the water source. In the mean time the aim is that all households have access to a latrine. Many households don’t use a latrine but use the bush. Due to open defecation, feaces are spread over the village. This leads to (fatal) diseases and contamination of the groundwater. Our aim is that the community is able to live a healthy live, free of preventable diseases. Therefore we endeavor that at the end of our presence in the community; people have both access to sustainable clean water and access to sanitation.

Construction Progress:

March, 24, 013

Today we brought the technician, Richard , to the village. We walked through the area to spot sites where we can find water. We found a suitable area where we can start excavating. For the coming weeks Richard will stay with the community. The community will provide accommodation and food for him.

April 3, 2013

Construction is moving on well. Currently the technician is at 12 ft. The community is looking forward to this water source, hence the participation is very good. Our Community Development Officer, Lynet, conducts regular visits to the households to monitor the progress on latrine construction and to advice households how to improve their homesteads.

April, 11, 2013

The site collapsed due to the soft soils. We re-sited and started again with the excavation. The community is working hard to make the water source a success.

May 2, 2013

Our technician Richard moved to another site in the community to start again with the excavation of the well. It was a disappointment for the community to start all over again since a lot of effort was put in the previous source. However, people are again motivated to start working on a new site.

May 7, 2013

Excavation of the shallow well is complete and and all materials (Sand, bricks and hard core) are on site.  Richard the technician is preparing to begin construction works.

May 14, 2013

Construction of the well is complete and awaits installation of the pump. The community has been so supportive and are eagerly waiting to witness the very first drop of water from this hand dug shallow well.

July 2, 2013

It was jubilation and excitement when this water source was finally installed. To this community, it was a sigh of relief after the first attempt failed and the community had to re-site and start the process all over again and it was confirmation of a wise saying that ” Success is going from failure to failure without loosing enthusiasm”. When the first well collapsed, we did not loose track but rather a motivation to think further. At the end of the day this community has access to both clean and safe water; the reason we exist.

Project Updates

04/05/2019: Continued Work in Alimugonza Pabidi

The initial project in this community (seen in the reporting found on this page) is a display of our shared commitment to helping this community with first time water access. Equally as important to the community and The Water Project is ongoing support to make sure that water is reliable and clean, day after day, year after year. This is why we monitor all our projects. Over time we found that this well was in need of a repairs from the inside out to restore clean, safe drinking water here.

Because of our commitment to people in this community (and the lasting impact that our supporters want to make), we’ve relined and resealed the well to protect it from contamination. To see that work, click here.

The Water Project : 5-uganda18299-finished-well

09/26/2013: Clean Water For Alimugonza Pabidi

We are excited to report that the village of Alimugonza-Pabidi, Uganda has a new source of safe, clean water.  We just posted a report from our partner in the field including information about the community, GPS coordinates, and pictures of the project.  Take a look, and Thank You for your help!

The Water Project : olympus-digital-camera-142

Project Photos

Project Type

Dug Well and Hand Pump

Hand-dug wells are best suited for clay, sand, gravel and mixed soil ground formations. A large diameter well is dug by hand, and then lined with either bricks or concrete to prevent contamination and collapse of the well. Once a water table is hit, the well is capped and a hand-pump is installed – creating a complete and enclosed water system.