Project Status

Project Type:  Dug Well and Hand Pump

Program: Wells for Masindi / Jinga Uganda

Impact: 500 Served

Project Phase: 
Community Managed
Implementing Partner Monitoring Data Unavailable
Initial Installation: Dec 2013

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Community Profile

The report below from our partner in the field gives some great information on the construction of a new hand-dug well in the The report below from our partner in the field gives some great information on the construction of a new hand-dug well at  Bukanga Primary School in Uganda:

Bukanga Primary School is a busy school of 700 pupils located on the main road through Luuka District. (Editor’s Note: While this many people may have access on any given day, realistically a single water source can only support a population of 350-500 people.  To learn more, click here.) Pupils and the local community currently use the local government borehole located half a kilometre away at the sub-county headquarters. This borehole suffers from poor recharge and discoloured water, and is overcrowded and insufficient to meet the needs of the community. This is forcing the community to use an open pond which doesn’t give clean water. A new well which is sited at the far end of the school beyond the playing fields will not only serve the pupils of the school but also the wider community.  This project is being implemented by our partners, Busoga Trust.


8/7/2013 – Our Community Development Officers (CDOs) held a 1st village meeting with the community surrounding Bukanga Primary School.  This meeting is the first response the Busoga Trust makes to the application for a water source from the community. All of the responsibilities and expectations are laid out, discussed and agreed upon. For example, the community agree to be involved in the excavation work, provide locally sourced building materials, and participate in hygiene and sanitation campaign throughout the village. In return the Busoga Trust provides technical expertise, building equipment, trained social workers and a Consallen hand pump.

8/28/2013 – A baseline survey was completed to asses the community’s hygiene and sanitation.  The results show that they have room for improvement, but have taken our initial suggestions into consideration.

9/8/2013 – Siting for the well is completed and a technician will be delivered tomorrow.

9/9/2013 – The technicians started on site today. The new site has been selected further uphill from the old source away from pit latrines and close to the main road.

9/17/2013 – Good progress this week. The technicians have now hit water at 14 ft.

9/27/13 – The well is now 20ft and the team are currently brick lining the sides.

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Project Type

Dug Well and Hand Pump

Hand-dug wells are best suited for clay, sand, gravel and mixed soil ground formations. A large diameter well is dug by hand, and then lined with either bricks or concrete to prevent contamination and collapse of the well. Once a water table is hit, the well is capped and a hand-pump is installed – creating a complete and enclosed water system.


Project Sponsor - Kathy Mann and Family